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1. One who lives in the wilderness.
2. An outlaw living in the Australian bush.


1. history Austral an escaped convict or robber living in the bush
2. US a person who lives away from civilization; backwoodsman


(ˈbʊʃˌreɪn dʒər)

1. a person who lives in the bush or woods.
2. Australian. a person who lives by robbing residents of the bush.
bush′rang`ing, n.


[ˈbʊʃˌreɪndʒəʳ] N (Australia) → bandido m
References in classic literature ?
There are some brand-new bushrangers on the road between Whittlesea and this--a second Kelly gang
beard--the riderless horse and the bloody saddle--the deliberate misdirection that had put me off the track and out of the way--and now the missing manager and the report of bushrangers at this end.
The bushrangers were to attack them three times, and be defeated with immense slaughter.
He had evidently lived in varied cities and very motley societies, for some of his cheerfullest stories were about gambling hells and opium dens, Australian bushrangers or Italian brigands.
A strict line of form involving the Coventry runner-up Intense Focus leaves Art Connoisseur with a couple of lengths to find with Bushranger.
I'm also keen on Bushranger out of the first-crop sires.
DAVID Wachman is unsure how Bushranger will handle the testing conditions as he prepares to have his first start of the campaign in the Weatherbys Ireland Greenlands Stakes at the Curragh.
And Big Bad Bushranger himself was a real delight to create.
It is a bushranger novel with two chief bushrangers, one of whom was a nasty piece of work and a very violent character.
Croom att het op It can sometimes be a tricky position being catalogued as the first lot through the ring and yesterday, for a brief moment, it looked as though a Croom House Stud-consigned first-crop son of Bushranger was going to struggle as buyers were slow to make a bid.
The life and crimes of each bushranger is covered over two pages including historic pictures, maps and diagrams where available and appropriate.
At Maranumbla a key incident is the day the bushranger Buchan Charley turns up with companions and holds the station hostage, taking horse and guns.