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(bo͝osh′wăk′ər, -hwăk′ər)
1. One who bushwhacks.
2. often Bushwhacker A member of any of various pro-Confederate guerrilla groups operating especially in Missouri and adjoining states during the Civil War.

[bush + whack + -er (originally used by Washington Irving as a description of settlers in New Amsterdam).]
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1. US and Canadian and Austral a person who travels around or lives in thinly populated woodlands
2. informal Austral an unsophisticated person; boor
3. (Historical Terms) a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War
4. (Military) US any guerrilla
5. (Professions) NZ a person who works in the bush, esp at timber felling
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(ˈbʊʃˌʰwæk ər, -ˌwæk-)

1. a person or thing that bushwhacks.
2. a Confederate guerrilla during the Civil War.
3. any guerrilla or outlaw.
[1800–10, Amer.]
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Noun1.bushwhacker - a disparaging term for an unsophisticated personbushwhacker - a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person
rustic - an unsophisticated country person
2.bushwhacker - a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War
Confederate soldier - a soldier in the Army of the Confederacy during the American Civil War
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[ˈbʊʃˌwækəʳ] N (US) → pionero/a m/f, explorador(a) m/f
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When that feller trod on his hand, he up an' sed that he was willin' t' give his hand t' his country, but he be dumbed if he was goin' t' have every dumb bushwhacker in th' kentry walkin' 'round on it.
If you're going to fly the Alaska Bush, get an appropriately named airplane such as the Super Cub-style Bushwhacker, which was perfectly named for the Alaska pilot who whacked the Alaska bush when he lost control of the Bushwacker on landing and wiped out gear and both wings.
Look out for our Insight section to get the latest opinion from Bushwhacker, see our On Farm section for the latest developments in politics and visit our Ideas & Innovations sections to see the latest farm inventions straight from Kondinin Group members.
Books defending himself from a bushwhacker with a Remington over/ under derringer.
Confederate Bushwhacker: Mark Twain in the Shadow of the Civil War.
"People in the past had confused all cider to be like [the nonalcoholic sparkling] Martinelli's with alcohol," explains Josh Pinkston, front house manager at Bushwhacker Cider, a new cider pub in Portland, OR.
He also managed a small zander to really put the icing on the cake of an exceptional morning's fishing, using a Savage Gear BushWhacker XLNT.10-30g rod and Okuma Safrina reel A People/Davies Angling goody bag is heading his way - bet he's glad he went now!
This is a bushwhacker, site clearer, shelter builder, butcherer, and more.
For instance, here is how Maguire's character, a bushwhacker named Jake Roedel, explains why losing a finger in a firefight is actually a blessing.
Charles also embraced the life of the bushwhacker, donning an iconic akubra hat - synonymous with rural workers - when the Royal couple visited the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, a heritage centre chronicling the settlers who started cattle farming in the Outback.
And then abruptly he will plunge deep into a thicket of branches or a tangle of flowering plants that looks like a Jackson Pollock drip painting, the camera moving through the foliage like a bushwhacker or holding steady on the gently bobbing blossoms.