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(bo͝osh′wăk′, -hwăk′)
v. bush·whacked, bush·whack·ing, bush·whacks
v. intr.
1. To force one's way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists: "Often on the verge of starvation, they bushwhacked through muskeg, forded ice-cold streams and rivers ... determined to conquer a daunting land deemed impassable" (Brenda Koller).
2. To travel through or live in the woods.
3. To fight as a guerrilla in the woods.
v. tr.
To attack suddenly from a place of concealment. See Synonyms at ambush.

[Back-formation from bushwhacker.]
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a US term for bushfighting
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Adj.1.bushwhacking - lying in ambush; "bushwhacking guerrillas attacking from ambush"
concealed - hidden on any grounds for any motive; "a concealed weapon"; "a concealed compartment in his briefcase"
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He knew somewhat about the warfare of the time -- bushwhacking around for ogres, and bull-fights in the tournament ring, and such things -- but otherwise he was empty and useless.
This was a precaution against any bushwhacking bullet from the mangroves only a hundred feet away.
Whether he was driving the tractor, designing a luxury treehouse for his granddaughters, or bushwhacking through the deep snow on his cross-country skis, Karl was never happier than when he had a long list of tasks to accomplish.
MATT WEDEL is bushwhacking through the hinterlands of Perseus.
Even today, some Adirondack Park areas remain relatively remote; only a few individuals have trampled through these lands, except for an occasional hunter, bushwhacking hiker, or surveyor.
By summer's end, the pair hadn't found any new ant colonies in all their hiking and bushwhacking " a great sign that the eradication really worked.
"I grew up [in Bozeman] bushwhacking around the Montana and Norwegian mountains with my parents, constantly whimpering from fear and discomfort, but always wanting to go out again," Perkins wrote on a profile for (http://www.mysteryranch.com/ambassadors/inge-perkins) Mystery Ranch 's website.
But this is not unusual for me in my bushwhacking. I am often walking near the edge of apparent danger, be it from predators, getting lost, getting stranded and a host of other risks.
raised the art of bushwhacking and ambush to an exact science."
"But by letting [a GPS] do the work, two things happen: Our skill level with map and compass drops, and we change the relationship we have to the land itself." The authors also take a close look at the environmental impact of four trends: bushwhacking, growing numbers of rock climbers, the presence of dogs on trails and winter camping.
The brush in this forest was so tangled and thick and the ground cover so mossy and spongy that bushwhacking was literally impossible.
Getting back to Wendell from Belchertown was a study in bushwhacking. Wendell is a tiny town with a nice little bar/restaurant called Deja Brew.