business editor

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: editor - the newspaper editor responsible for business news
newspaper editor - the editor of a newspaper
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She served as The Register-Guard's business editor since 2005.
Roland Klose has been hired as the new business editor of the St.
Jack Weatherly is no longer the business editor for the statewide Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
Sallie Hofmeister has been appointed business editor of the Los Angeles Times.
Leeds-born Hebden, 28, will work closely with The Journal's large business team headed by Business Editor Iain Laing in developing its coverage.
Changes in the Post business section include the arrival of Gertha Coffee, former business editor of the Roanoke (Va.
Most recently the paper's deputy business editor and Sunday Money & Business editor, Dobrzynski spent 19 years at BusinessWeek before joining the Times in 1995.
THE Mersey Partnership's chief executive, Lorraine Rogers, will be speaking to Daily Post business editor Bill Gleeson on this week's LDP Business Week.
The Sacramento Bee has appointed Wayne Davis to the position of business editor.
Former Business Editor Christian Wihtol has been named senior editor at The Register-Guard.
John Magsam was promoted in late January to business editor for the Democrat-Gazette's Northwest Arkansas operation.

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