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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: editor - the newspaper editor responsible for business news
newspaper editor - the editor of a newspaper
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Editor: Steve Dyson Tel: 0121 234 5688 Email: Sports Editor: Ken Montgomery Tel: 0121 234 5513 Email: News Editor: Andy Richards Tel: 0121 234 5430 Email: Features Editor: Paul Fulford Tel: 0121 234 5214 Email: Business Editor: Jon Griffin Tel: 0121 234 5670 Email: Picture Editor: Steve Murphy Tel: 0121 234 5042 Email: Photo Sales: Pat O'Gorman Tel: 0121 234 5450 Email: Classified Advertising Tel: 0121 233 0555 Email: Newspaper Sales: Customer Care Team Tel: 0121 234 5290 Email:
Daily Post business editor Bill Gleeson hosts the onehour show, which is broadcast from 11am on Sunday.
Mary Myers, who became a business editor at the Chicago Sun-Times in the 1970s when female editors at major newspapers were uncommon, has died.
THE Mersey Partnership's chief executive, Lorraine Rogers, will be speaking to Daily Post business editor Bill Gleeson on this week's LDP Business Week.
Innovation Editor since February 2007, Stanton previously served as Business Editor and joined the paper in 1997 as a reporter in the Orange County edition.
The former GMTV host will be joining Daily Post business editor Bill Gleeson in the studio to discuss the prospects for local women setting up their own firms.
Still, Weinstein welcomed the appointment of Stanton, the paper's innovation editor and former business editor. "I think he has a good reputation for working with colleagues," Weinstein said.
The programme, presented by the Daily Post's business editor Bill Gleeson, is broadcast from 11am-12 noon on Liverpool's 24-hour talk radio station.
Before his current assignment, he was The Times Business Editor for two years, heading a staff of 65 reporters and editors who work in Los Angeles and in eight bureaus around the world."*
The programme, presented by Daily Post business editor Bill Gleeson, debates whether the region is making the most of the economic and business opportunities presented by next week's Grand National.
It included presentations from Business Editor John Corser, MNA Digital digital sales campaign manager Natalie Coughlan and Star PR agency director Sundeep Sehupal.
The awards categories are as follows: | Best in the Business | Best Female in Tech | Best Tech Ambassador | Best Use of Machine Learning and AI | Best Digital Innovation | Best E-Commerce Business | Best Use of Technology | Best Global Reach Shelina Begum, business editor at the M.E.N., said: "Greater Manchester's thriving digital and tech scene has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with some amazing, forward-thinking innovation which is driving huge growth.

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