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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: leader - a very wealthy or powerful businessmanbusiness leader - a very wealthy or powerful businessman; "an oil baron"
businessman, man of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
oil tycoon - a powerful person in the oil business
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The 12th annual Upstate New York Business Leader Survey, sponsored by the Business Council of New York State Inc., spoke with more than 100 business leaders in Rochester and more than 425 across upstate.
Business leader Donald Dee passes away !-- -- ( - December 2, 2018 - 11:50am MANILA, Philippines Business leader Donald Dee passed away on Saturday.
And operations director Paul Griffiths, who has been with the firm for more than 20 years and was instrumental in the move to Hawarden, has made the six-person shortlist for Business Leader of the Year.
With planning for Adipec entering its final weeks, organisers confirm the involvement of 13 CEOs for the Global Business Leader panels
AbdulAziz Al Ghurair, CEO of Mashreq, has bagged the coveted Banking Business Leader of the Year trophy at the Gulf Business Awards 2016.
Johannes !Gawaxab, managing director of Old Mutual Africa Operations was chosen as Business Leader of the Year at the recent Namibia Business Awards.
Management Company, a marketing firm specializing in website development, online marketing, social media management and video production, will be recognized by Business Leader as a Top 300 Small Business of the South at a reception on June 22, 2011.
"I'm very pleased to receive the China Business Leader of the Year Award and would like to attribute the honor to the efforts of all of my colleagues in Delta Group.
Mean: 6.74 Mean: 6.96 Mean: 6.29 High confidence (score of 8-10) 35 41 28 Neutral (score of 4-7) 60 56 63 Low confidence (score of 1-3) 5 6 9 2005/6 (n=359) 2005/6 (n=541) 2005/6 (n=2231) Business Leader Senior Managers Employees Note: Table made from bar graph.
The Albanese Organization of Garden City was honored as 'Business Leader for Energy Efficiency' by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit
The results achieved reset business leader expectations and R6[sigma][TM] resources were refocused on growth and creation of new products.
Global Banking News-September 19, 2016--Mashreq CEO named Banking Business Leader of the Year

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