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letter, missive - a written message addressed to a person or organization; "mailed an indignant letter to the editor"
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An interrupted holiday is the worst of the minor worries, and one may be pardoned for feeling morbid when a business letter snatches one away from the sea and friends.
Beyond it lay the broad sombrero fallen from the head of Muscari, and beside it a sealed business letter which, after a glance at the address, he returned to the elder Harrogate.
He moved for a time aimlessly in that good company, humming a popular but refined tune, and thinking vaguely of a business letter from abroad, which had to be answered on the morrow with cautious prevarication.
I haunted the post-office about the time the books were due, and when I found one of them in our deep box among a heap of exchange newspapers and business letters, my emotion was so great that it almost took my breath.
He examined the bailiff's accounts of the village in Ryazan which belonged to his wife's nephew, wrote two business letters, and walked over to the granaries, cattle yards and stables before dinner.
Astor's plans and affairs, and had made copies of his business letters for their perusal.
His, I think, were business letters, and apparently not much to his mind, for he crushed them into his pocket with some muttered expletives that I should have reproved him for at any other time.
I have even bargained that I am to receive no business letters."
Recently I bumped into a business letter [that I drafted when I was working as an e-communicator with a private firm in Tuticorin].
Expand your business writing skills by learning and relearning what makes an outstanding business letter, memo, proposal or report that will lead to a positive result.
For example, she could learn how to inquire, quote, and bargain (see Figure 3), how to identify appropriate sentences to fit the specific context (see Figure 4), and she could practice how to write an inquiry business letter in different trading contexts (see Figure 5).
The share of these areas in all governorates grew from 40.9% to 56% in the first five months of 2018, said the APII business letter.

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