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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: organisation - a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute itbusiness organisation - a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it; "he bought his brother's business"; "a small mom-and-pop business"; "a racially integrated business concern"
business enterprise, commercial enterprise, business - the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business"
shipping room - a room where goods are packaged and shipped
enterprise - an organization created for business ventures; "a growing enterprise must have a bold leader"
agency - a business that serves other businesses
brokerage - the business of a broker; charges a fee to arrange a contract between two parties
common carrier, carrier - a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages
chain - (business) a number of similar establishments (stores or restaurants or banks or hotels or theaters) under one ownership
business firm, firm, house - the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a brokerage house"
dealership, franchise - a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area
manufacturer, manufacturing business, maker - a business engaged in manufacturing some product
partnership - the members of a business venture created by contract
processor - a business engaged in processing agricultural products and preparing them for market
shipbuilder - a business that builds and repairs ships
underperformer - a business that is less successful than expected
division - an administrative unit in government or business
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The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK) as well as the Club 500 business organisation clustering large employers consider the flat provision of bank data to be a violation of bank secrecy as well as a fundamental violation of privacy and that this is happening when personal data protection in Europe in the form of GDPR is being tightened.Officers will have access to information not only about companies but political parties, churches and religious organisations, self-governments, civic associations and trade unions, said Peter Mihoacutek, chairman of SOPK as cited in the press release.
However, in a very short time CSR has become a common phenomenon in the industry and every second business organisation now seemingly appears to be a truly CSR-compliant firm.
Cannabis and hemp products supplier Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC Pink:MJNA) reported on Thursday the execution of an agreement to exclusively supply the world's first industrial cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil-based anti-aging Cannabis Beauty DEFINED product line with a home-based business organisation.
Midlands Asian business organisation elects youngest ever vice president Is it really appropriate in 2013 Birmingham to have a business association defined by race or ethnicity?
DQG is non-profit business organisation established by the Dubai Department of Economic Development under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
By simply picking a single business organisation to oversee LEP activity in this way - with no consultation with the rest of the business community - risks both those businesses which are not a member of any membership body, and those who are members of the groups that haven't been included, becoming isolated from the LEPs.
Specific objectives of the workshop were, to enhance participants skills and lead them to an understanding in business organisation formation, management and aspects such as business organisation principles, values, conditions and the enabling environment, governance, the role of the government, leadership issues.
SUSTAINABLE business organisation Envirowise claims north west businesses are wasting up to pounds 1.5m a day by ignoring efficient use of water resources.
Meanwhile, the Federation of Small Businesses - Britain's largest business organisation, led by Middlesbrough's John Wright - said its fee structure would not be raised in 2009.
Meanwhile the Federation of Small Businesses - Britain's largest business organisation led by Middlesbrough's John Wright - said its fee structure would not be raised in 2009.
The South African government has come under heavy fire from a Canadian business organisation for incompetence and shortsightedness.

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