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Noun1.businessmen - the body of individuals who manage businessesbusinessmen - the body of individuals who manage businesses
profession - the body of people in a learned occupation; "the news spread rapidly through the medical profession"; "they formed a community of scientists"
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Caverly owned farms in Orange County that had been leased out for long periods (the lives of three persons named at the moment the lease was granted) but which were now about to revert to him--such long-term leases, in the Hudson Valley, led to the so-called anti-rent war that was breaking out at the time Cooper wrote this book; twelve and a half cents = an English shilling, still often used in conversation in America; nabobs = rich men (usually businessmen of recent affluence)}
These different people- businessmen, relations, and acquaintances alike- were all disposed to treat the young heir in the most friendly and flattering manner: they were all evidently firmly convinced of Pierre's noble qualities.
Prior to this policy, the businessmen were issued visa for only one year.
Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today advised Malaysians doing business around the world to be 'clean and respected' businessmen and investors.
Chinese businessmen attacked and robbed of $300,000 outside Bishkek AKIPRESS.COM - Chinese businessmen were attacked and robbed of $300,000 outside Bishkek on August 19 near the Dordoi bazaar, sources said.
Seventeen suspects arrested over the murder of two businessmen in Rathgama have been further remanded till April 22.
One of the main priorities for Turkey's Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) is to attract foreign investment to Azerbaijan, Abdurrahman Uzun, head of the Baku office of MUSIAD, told Trend.
Karachi -- Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce Textile and Industrial production and Investment Abdul Razzak Dawood assured the Investors and Businessmen for resolving their issues.
Damascus, SANA -- Syrian and Russian businessmen put the final touches
KARACHI -- A 58-member delegation of Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectual forum led by Mian Zahid Hussain called on Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazal-ur-Rehman here at CM House and discussed over state of economy and the issued faced businessmen.
Businessmen of Nepal are expert in showing their profit-oriented nature by hiking the prices of essential commodities immediately after the tabulation of the budget.

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