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the shape or size of a woman's bust



1. the outline or shape of a woman's bust.
2. the part of a garment covering the breasts.
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Don't place a dominant line across your bustline or the fullest part of your hips, as this accentuates those areas.
The all new AI Body Shaping feature even allows consumers to adjust their body shapes according to their preference, such as creating a slimmer waistline, enhancing bustline or longer legs.
This includes creating a slimmer waistline, enhancing bustline or getting longer legs.
Like a tailor, she measured the torso's proportions, including the bustline and the shoulders.
The shoes are to die for, and we love the printed silk accent at her bustline.
A fixture since 1907, our nameless lass got a facelift by Landor in 2010, resulting in a smaller nose, fuller tresses and a slightly shapelier bustline.
Eric has cleverly drawn attention to his bigger assets with a feature bow on the bustline and the combination of spots, stripes and chevrons has a disorientating yet slimming effect.
The binding did not follow the bustline in a U-shape and did not properly convey the character's fragility.
Unlike traditional round silicone or saline implants, gummy bear implants come in a teardrop shape, which is preferred among women who are looking to undergo a breast augmentation procedure but still want their bustline to look “real”.
Heidi Klum, on the other hand, took the V-neck to deeper heights with her dress whose neckline extends past the bustline.
A one shouldered Sheath magically Minimizes a Bigger bustline. $178, Shail K.
A V-neck shape is most flattering on a bigger bust and look out for high waistbands that sit just below your bustline. Black lace dress, PS149 @www.tiffanyrose.com Shoes, PS44.99 @ Mango