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Activity, such as schoolwork or office work, meant to take up time but not necessarily yield productive results.


unproductive work


(ˈbɪz iˌwɜrk)

work often of little productive value assigned so that a person will be occupied or look busy.
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Noun1.busywork - active work of little valuebusywork - active work of little value; "while he was waiting he filled the days with busywork"
work - activity directed toward making or doing something; "she checked several points needing further work"
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Designed to eliminate busywork, the platform also simplifies repetitive tasks with templates and automated workflows.
Up to this point, it's seemingly been more about busywork and aimless button-clicking than meaningful work.
The argument that she and others make is that publishing crime statistics at the detailed level required by the Clery Act adds unnecessary busywork to campus safety personnel workload and does not result in meaningful action.
Everyone talks about physical toning, but we need emotional toning as well, a way to give the mind a rest from busywork and raise our body-centered energy.
Updating your materials can feel like busywork, but remember that these images may be your first impression: Keep them specific to your target audience and recalibrate your look with every call you attend.
Communities invite clients and candidates into the Talent Rover experience while simultaneously reducing busywork and collecting powerful data.
Digby argues that "if we don't defend the virtues of imagination and spontaneity in our classes, we will all be teaching from rigid syllabi according to rubrics and templates spelled out week by week as teachers of fifth-grade classes are forced to do" Her essay is a call to action against the "absurdly regimented, generally fictitious, and misnamed goals and objectives" that kill inspiration and turn education into busywork
Not only does this bill infringe on the rights of responsible citizens -- non-criminals -- but it is a diversion of scarce police resources and talents away from actual crime-fighting to busywork.
The ease of the Internet can reduce busywork and free up time, but even Google autocomplete won't tell us how to fill the time we've saved.
Intel reduced unnecessary emails by encouraging leaders to help employees understand that email busywork would not advance their careers.
It cripples further whatever market still exists, loading on more force, coercion, penalties, busywork, [and] cost.
When designing alternative clinical experiences, it is important to look for experiences that meet course and clinical objectives --not just busywork for students.