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 (byo͞o′tə-dī′ēn′, -dī-ēn′)
A colorless, highly flammable hydrocarbon, C4H6, obtained from petroleum and used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber.

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(Elements & Compounds) a colourless easily liquefiable flammable gas that polymerizes readily and is used mainly in the manufacture of synthetic rubbers. Formula: CH2:CHCH:CH2. Systematic name: buta-1,3-diene
[C20: from buta(ne) + di-1 + -ene]
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(ˌbyu təˈdaɪ in, -daɪˈin)

a colorless, flammable gas, C4H6, used chiefly in the manufacture of rubber and paint and in organic synthesis.
[1895–1900; buta (ne) + di-1 + -ene]
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Noun1.butadiene - a gaseous hydrocarbon C4H6; used in making synthetic rubbers
hydrocarbon - an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
chloroprene - derivative of butadiene used in making neoprene by polymerization
buna, buna rubber - made by polymerizing butadiene
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In the view of changing industrial applications, styrene butadiene rubber has emerged as one of the greatest synthetic rubbers used in the automotive industry, said the study.
Basically, Styrene-butadiene rubber is a general purpose synthetic rubber which is produced from a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. It is a mixture of 75 percent of butadiene and 25% of styrene.