butcher bird

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n.1.(Zool.) any species of shrike of the genus Lanius, so called because they impale their prey on thorns.
2.(Zool.) large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrikelike habit of impaling prey on thorns.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The French word for the related red-backed shrike, l'ecorcheur or "flayer," brings me back to the butcher bird term.
Another year-round bird, the shrike is called the butcher bird because it hangs its prey on barbed wire for females to inspect and for later meals.
Rare 'Butcher Bird' "What was wonderful was to be able to film great grey shrikes in Wales.
e shrike, appropriately nicknamed 'the Butcher Bird', derives from the somewhat barbaric practice of impaling its prey.
It was known as the 'Wurger', or 'butcher bird' because of its killing power in the air.
This was a juvenile which fed on insects whilst being mobbed by a large flock of Goldfinches unhappy to have a "butcher bird" on their patch.
(2.) Two others I'm aware of are Lydia Adamson, Beware the Tufted Duck (1996) and Beware the Butcher Bird (1997), and Donna Andrews, Murder with Puffins (2000), among others.