Made of or resembling a board of thick strips of hardwood like that on which butchers chop meat: a butcher-block counter.
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The kitchen, which is open to the dining room, has rustic elements such as distressed wood cabinets, butcher-block countertops, exposed brick walls, graphic tile flooring, and a super-sized soapstone farmhouse sink with on-trend brass fixtures.
and 4 a.m., APL) A Irish bar in Florida requests an aquarium with a pub theme; a jerky store in Las Vegas wants a butcher-block tank.
New red oak butcher-block counters and beams are a nod to Thuresson's Swedish heritage.
In the Chophouse, the material changes, with butcher-block tabletops and mahogany wood walls.
According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the Everyday Room collection includes a kitchen island with a butcher-block top for $230 and a china cabinet for $250.
Garage-organization products, including carts with butcher-block tops, wall cabinets, utility cabinets with locks and a gardening center, will be available in gray.
The interior is furnished with bead board paneling, alabaster light fixtures, a butcher-block kitchen counter and green canvas window shades.
Materials for memory game: a large piece of blue butcher-block paper (approximately 36" wide x 28" tall); colored 8.5" x 11" construction paper that is cut into fish shapes; a black marker; scissors; access to a lamination machine (if possible)
Owner Jim Berna said the new 3,300-SF location seats 44, with butcher-block tables and antiques scattered throughout the store, while the former store was more limited as a bakery.
So if you've been blunting your knives on a plastic board, you might want to resurrect your butcher-block. Old woods, by the way, performed even better than new boards in the experiment.