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a. One who slaughters and dresses animals for food or market.
b. One who sells meats.
2. One that kills brutally or indiscriminately.
3. A vendor, especially one on a train or in a theater.
4. One who bungles something.
tr.v. butch·ered, butch·er·ing, butch·ers
1. To slaughter or prepare (animals) for market.
2. To kill brutally or indiscriminately.
3. To botch; bungle: butcher a project; butchered the language. See Synonyms at botch.

[Middle English bucher, from Old French bouchier, from bouc, boc, he-goat, probably of Celtic origin.]

butch′er·er n.
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a person who butchers
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This is a bushwhacker, site clearer, shelter builder, butcherer, and more.
While most of us will probably never experience the jungle wilds, the Junglas will serve you well as a shelter builder, bush food preparer for large groups and butcherer of large game.