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n. pl. bu·te·os
Any of various broad-winged, soaring hawks of the genus Buteo.

[Latin būteō, a kind of hawk or falcon.]


a type of American hawk


(ˈbyu tiˌoʊ)

n., pl. -te•os.
any of various soaring hawks of the genus Buteo, of both the Old and New Worlds, having broad wings and a wide, rounded tail.
[1905–10; < New Latin; Latin būteō a kind of hawk or falcon]
bu′te•o•nine` (-ˌənaɪn, -nɪn) adj., n.
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Noun1.buteo - broad-winged soaring hawksButeo - broad-winged soaring hawks    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Accipitridae, family Accipitridae - hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles
buteonine - any hawk of the genus Buteo
Buteo jamaicensis, redtail, red-tailed hawk - dark brown American hawk species having a reddish-brown tail
Buteo lagopus, roughleg, rough-legged hawk - large hawk of the northern hemisphere that feeds chiefly on small rodents and is beneficial to farmers
Buteo lineatus, red-shouldered hawk - North American hawk with reddish brown shoulders
Buteo buteo, buzzard - the common European short-winged hawk
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Jim Crowley riding Buteo Bai (L) to victory in the L&S Printing - Official Print Partner Handicap Stakes at Brighton yesterday
Biomonitoring with the buzzard Buteo buteo in the Netherlands: heavy metals and sources of variation.
What the state was trying to do was let apprentices take one of every type of hawk, a buteo, a falcon, an accipiter, like a Cooper's hawk or sharp-shinned, but the falconers decided that they didn't want the apprentices to have the sharp-shinned due to its irascible nature.
Otro estudio realizado en Buteo buteo reporto diferencia significativa en la acumulacion de metales entre machos y hembras, donde el Cadmio se encontro en mayor concentracion en todos los tejidos analizados de los machos, con excepcion del musculo (4).
Linnaeus, 1758) Columbina talpacoti LC (Temminck, 1809) Leptotila verreauxi LC (Bonaparte, 1855) Zenaida auriculata (Des LC Murs, 1847) Buteo magnirostris (Gmelin, LC 2 JF, 1788) Buteo sp.
In the same way in 2009 to 2011 least observed species of birds were Buteo buteo (n[?
Il s'agit de pelicans, de sternes, de buses Buteo, d'aigles dores et de faucons.
Dentro del area de estudio se identificaron 4 especies de aves rapaces migratorias que son Cathartes aura, Pandion haliaetus, Buteo platypterus y Falco peregrinus (Tabla 2).
Las especies Tachybaptus dominicus, Ixobrychus exilis y Buteo swainsoni se encuentran sujetas a proteccion especial, en tanto que Megascops seductus y Botaurus lentiginosus son especies amenazadas.
The birds infested were: Buteo jamaicensis (7/12), Parabuteo unicinctus (2/12), Buteo swainsoni (1/12), Caracara cheriway (1/12) and Tyto alba (1/12) (Table 1).