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or bu·toh  (bo͞o′tō)
A dance form developed in postwar Japan which rejects Eastern and Western dance conventions, expressing intense emotions through slow, controlled, and sometimes distorted movements.

[Japanese butō, short for (ankoku) butō, dance (of darkness) : bu, dance (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´) + , to step on, stamp, tread (from Middle Chinese dap), probably also influenced by , to stamp on, tread (from Middle Chinese *tɦaw).]
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It was a heavy spear shod with iron, and behind it were the giant muscles of the ape-man, while coming to meet it was the enormous weight of Buto and the momentum of his rapid rush.
Then Buto espied the lions and bore madly down upon them while Tarzan of the Apes leaped nimbly into the tangled creepers at one side of the trail.
For a time it seemed to Tarzan that Buto, the rhinoceros, would prove victor in the gory battle.
Then Tarzan came down from his sanctuary and as the wounded lions, growling, dragged themselves away, the ape-man cut his spear from the body of Buto, hacked off a steak and vanished into the jungle.
Nor is the matter of little moment to one whom Buto charges, for if he be caught and tossed, the chances are that naught will interest him thereafter.
And today it chanced that Buto bore down straight upon Tarzan, across the few yards of knee-deep grass which separated them.
There had been no time to seek safety in the trees beyond the clearing, nor had Tarzan any mind to delay his journey because of Buto.
And now Buto was upon him, the massive head lowered and the long, heavy horn inclined for the frightful work for which nature had designed it; but as he struck upward, his weapon raked only thin air, for the ape-man had sprung lightly aloft with a catlike leap that carried him above the threatening horn to the broad back of the rhinoceros.
Here Buto, the rhinoceros, blundered blindly in his solitary majesty, while by night the great cats paced silently upon their padded feet beneath the dense canopy of overreaching trees toward the broad plain beyond, where they found their best hunting.
Now he swung lightly to the lower terraces of the overarching trees when some subtle sense warned him that Numa lay upon a kill directly in his path, or again he sprang lightly to one side as Buto, the rhinoceros, lumbered toward him along the narrow, deep-worn trail, for the ape-man, ready to fight upon necessity's slightest pretext, avoided unnecessary quarrels.
Seven-year-old Al-Basher 'Basty' Buto passed by one afternoon and asked his father Bong if he could join them.
Photograph of the excavation site at Buto, January 2, 2018 - Ministry of Antiquities/Facebook CAIRO -- 2 January 2018: An archaeological excavation at the ancient city of Buto in Kafr El-Skeikh Governorate has uncovered remains of mud-brick walls, four furnaces and various other assorted artifacts.