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or bu·toh  (bo͞o′tō)
A dance form developed in postwar Japan which rejects Eastern and Western dance conventions, expressing intense emotions through slow, controlled, and sometimes distorted movements.

[Japanese butō, short for (ankoku) butō, dance (of darkness) : bu, dance (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´) + , to step on, stamp, tread (from Middle Chinese dap), probably also influenced by , to stamp on, tread (from Middle Chinese *tɦaw).]
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The Dance Archive Network is a Japanese association that works to promote and revitalise the archives of Kazuo Ohno, founder of the Butoh dance.
NEW YORK CITY Japanese-born, New York-based choreographer Kota Yamazaki returns to his roots as a butoh dancer in Darkness Odyssey Part 2: I or Hallucination He explores butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata's idea of the extreme fragility of the body.
A workshop will also be given by Suzuki introducing dancers to the art of Butoh.
A disabled foreigner in Japan, a society historically hostile to difference, Fries takes a journey of self-discovery, visiting gardens, experiencing Noh and butoh, and meeting artists and scholars.
Through encounters with Japanese friends and meditative forays through gardens, butoh, Tokyo's neon districts, Lafcadio Hearn's writings, Hiroshima Maidens, and Japanese icons, Fries comes to regard mortality in new ways.
Surgida en el Japon de la posguerra, la danza butoh, se origina en un momento de fuerte y violento contacto entre Oriente y Occidente, apoyandose y actualizando sus propias tradiciones performativas en consonancia con los nuevos tiempos historicos y en contacto con nuevas fuentes de esteticas e ideas.
Trata-se, por assim dizer, de uma lista heterogena que abarca desde obras de grandes mestres de butoh na atualidade, como Endo e Min Tanaka, a ensinamentos de Hijikata e de Ohno, criadores da danca butoh, alem de uma relacao extensa de nomes, os quais, entre vivos e mortos, flutuam na obra, dando corpo e voz a artistas e a parceiros proximos e distantes, como Pina Bausch, Maria Bethania e, entre tantos, as vitimas do tsunami ocorrido em 2011, no Japao.
Los coreografos Saki Yokoo y Esparta Martinez presentan durante el mes de octubre en el Foro A Poco No del Sistema de Teatros de la Ciudad de Mexico un espectaculo doble de danza butoh, Sara-Yashiki & La Bestia, piezas que colocan a la muerte y su latencia como un catalizador o generador de tension dramatica.
When she went back to finish her undergraduate degree at Evergreen State College in Washington in 2004, she met a dance instructor who taught a non-traditional Japanese dance called butoh and she began taking classes.
Tamayura is a live recording of a full-moon performance that featured the legendary Butoh dancer Koichi Tamano.
Using Theater Mitu's Whole Theatre methodology, the production incorporated a range of global performance traditions, including elements of Japanese anime, Indian Kathakali, Japanese kabuki, butoh, Chinese object puppets, Greek bard tradition, and percussion, as well as an original music score.