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or bu·toh  (bo͞o′tō)
A dance form developed in postwar Japan which rejects Eastern and Western dance conventions, expressing intense emotions through slow, controlled, and sometimes distorted movements.

[Japanese butō, short for (ankoku) butō, dance (of darkness) : bu, dance (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´) + , to step on, stamp, tread (from Middle Chinese dap), probably also influenced by , to stamp on, tread (from Middle Chinese *tɦaw).]
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It begins with what happens when gender is inscribed on bodies, then considers strategies for channeling another body, mystically dancing "as one," expanding beyond the solo to the collective, and the question of "faux" and "real" drag from a feminist perspective, through examination of Mark Morris' Dido and Aeneas and its statement about the limits of inscribing gender on bodies; Richard Move's drag portrayal of the aging Martha Graham in Martha @; the Japanese butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno's Admiring La Argentina; Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo; and Fauxnique/Monique Jenkinson's Faux Real.
Yet in fact Masaki is much better-known as a butoh dancer (more on this later) than a filmmaker -- and even there, his performances tend to get just a few thousand views on YouTube, that ruthless arbiter of our digital age.
The streets routinely erupt in artistic expression--from ballad serenading to mountain clogging to Butoh dance--with participants playfully inviting the casual passerby to join in on the merriment.
'About Kazuo Ohno' caused controversy within the Tokyo dance community when Kawaguchi literally copied the dance of the butoh master who was the inspiration for the piece.
Este estudo preliminar propoe um dialogo entre os poemas mencionados de Max Martins e o Butoh em geral, e em particular com o espetaculo mais recente do grupo Sankai Juku, Meguri: Exuberancia marinha, terra tranquila (2015).
In the May 1988 issue of Dance Magazine, we spoke to Kazuo Ohno on the occasion of a memorial performance for his mentor, butoh creator Tatsumi Hijikata.
The Dance Archive Network is a Japanese association that works to promote and revitalise the archives of Kazuo Ohno, founder of the Butoh dance.
But this latest performance is another reflection of her interest in "Butoh" - a mysterious form of Japanese dance theatre where taboo topics can be tackled and white body make-up is not unusual.
Through encounters with Japanese friends and meditative forays through gardens, butoh, Tokyo's neon districts, Lafcadio Hearn's writings, Hiroshima Maidens, and Japanese icons, Fries comes to regard mortality in new ways.
Group 4 (TE + MetOH) received 36.1 mg of methanolic RM extract; the fifth group (TE + ButOH) was treated with a daily dose of 4.0 mg of butanol fraction, and the last group (TE + Aq) was treated with a daily dose of 32.5 mg of the aqueous fraction.