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A synthetic opioid drug, C21H29NO2, given by injection or nasal spray in its tartrate form to treat pain and to supplement anesthesia.

[but(yl) + (m)orph(in)an, structural basis of a group of opioids; see dextromethorphan + -ol.]
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In cases where the coughing prevents rest, antitussives--such as hydrocodone, butorphanol, or codeine--may be prescribed.
For the CT study, the patient was premedicated with butorphanol (0.55 mg/kg IM) and midazolam (0.5 mg/kg IM).
Comparative study of evaluation of pain on injection of propofol pretreatment with two different doses of butorphanol. JK Science 2015; 17(3): 152-57.
Among opioids, Morphine, Pethidine, Fentanyl, Sufentanil, Buprenorphine and Butorphanol are most commonly used drugs epidurally.
The aim of this study was to investigate the hemodynamic effects of ketamine and propofol; ketamine and diazepam; propofol and diazepam; and etomidate and diazepam in dogs premedicated with acepromazine and butorphanol.
Comparative study on the sedative effects of morphine, methadone, butorphanol or tramadol, in combination with acepromazine, in dogs.
Shivering control with butorphanol and tramadol has also been shown, but respiratory depression with butorphanol, and dyspnea, dizziness, somnolence, and flushing with tramadol are possible adverse effects in patients susceptible to them (primarily nonintubated patients).
There had been only one study done to research the plasma concentrations and sedative effects of a dexmedetomidine, midazolam, and butorphanol combination after transnasal administration in healthy rabbits [10].
Morphine, butorphanol, and hydromorphone are all metabolized by CYP450.
Females (n = 23) were assigned to receive combinations of dexmedetomidine and tiletaminezolazepam (DTZ) or combinations of dexmedetomidine, tiletamine-zolazepam, and butorphanol (DTZB) as shown in Table 1.
However, butorphanol and fentanyl provided behavioral changes such as dysphoria and vocalization [14,15].