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Noun1.butter churn - a vessel in which cream is agitated to separate butterfat from buttermilkbutter churn - a vessel in which cream is agitated to separate butterfat from buttermilk
vessel - an object used as a container (especially for liquids)
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Heritage features such as the former butter churn dairy and Victorian laundry will also be restored.
Tenders are invited for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of butter churn as per technical specification 2000 lph
I had nine different milk strainers, various milk bottles and restaurant containers, as well as wooden cheese boxes, a 1-gallon home butter churn, two different milk pasteurizers, a hand-crank ice cream freezer and old metal 1-gallon ice cream buckets.
Demand for surface, form, and color continued with heated bidding for a miniature butter churn finished in a muted green paint for $1,100 and followed by an astounding $2,300 for a 9-hook cherry peg rack in its untouched, original state.
Dawson, a historian and author living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, tells the stories of 50 objects from museums that relate the history of Nova Scotia, such as a fossilized amphibian, a Mi'kmaw arrowhead, a beaver pelt and hat, a Zwicker Bible, a singing school music book, Quaker House shoes, a German butter churn, a gentleman's top hat, a letter book, bagpipes, Joseph Howe's printing press, antique French wallpaper, a ship's bell, a doll carriage, and the schooner Theresa E.
At first we wondered if it was a butter churn or something allied to that.
3][euro]1/4aeac, or "battle of Butter Churn," started when two guys tweeted out updates, The Daily Beast reported ; they even posted a map of the nonexistent place surrounded by militants.
If you want to make larger amounts of butter or like the idea of using an old-fashioned butter churn, you can find a nice selection of such implements online at www.
Nicolas remembers spending hours cranking away at the butter churn as soon as he was big enough to manage it.
During a snowstorm the farm was cut off and, without a tanker to collect milk, Rachel was inspired to make butter and cream with the surplus, resurrecting her grandmother's butter churn and selling locally.
We have recently invested in a traditional butter churn and plan to launch authentic salted Welsh butter, which will be made using Welsh milk and packed in Wales--we couldn't make it any more authentic.
Armfield supplied a disc bowl centrifuge that separates cream from milk, a laboratory pasteuriser, a butter churn, a rising film evaporator for evaporated milk, a miniature-scale ice-cream maker, a reverse osmosis/ultrafihration unit for seaparating whey and proteins from milk, a homogeniser and a vacuum freeze dryer.