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Noun1.butterfly plant - orchid having large elliptic to obovate fleshy leaves and fragrant pink-and-white flowers dotted with red
genus Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis - genus of ornamental epiphytic orchids of Asia and Australia
moth orchid, moth plant - any of various orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis having often drooping glossy broad obovate or oval leaves usually dark green flushed purple or mottled grey and silver
2.butterfly plant - any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowersbutterfly plant - any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowers; often grown as houseplants
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Oncidium - large genus of showy epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial orchids of tropical and subtropical America
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Buddleia, known as the butterfly plant, is a favourite but verbena and lavender also work well.
Birds love them but its biggest attraction is for butterflies - and it is often called the butterfly plant.
But Buddleias are an exception because the only way to control the vigorous growth of the "Butterfly Plant" to prevent it from resembling the ragged TRUTHS John specimens colonising wasteland is to prune hard in spring.
BIRDS: Derek Blemings snapped this pair of puffins at the Farne Islands NAUTICAL SCENE: Upturned boats on Holy Island, by Carl Haynes COLOURFUL: A peacock butterfly feeding on a buddleja plant, which is known as the butterfly plant. By Michael Connor
Published information on butterfly plant use within Idaho sagebrush steppe habitats is lacking, this survey begins to fill this void in our knowledge.
One in particular that I actually found in a seed catalog was the Butterfly weed or Butterfly plant. It forms a beautiful orange/red flower and is very hardy in dry climates.
Electric agreed to sell and install transformers at the Butterfly plant. The written contract included detailed specifications regarding the transformers and installation.