butternut tree

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Noun1.butternut tree - North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nutsbutternut tree - North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye
butternut - oily egg-shaped nut of an American tree of the walnut family
genus Juglans, Juglans - type genus of the Juglandaceae
walnut tree, walnut - any of various trees of the genus Juglans
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But the opening of a buzzy new restaurant helmed by a Noma alumni that serves traditional indigenous foods, the Butternut Tree and the 419,000 square foot Royal Alberta Museum will nudge the city into the spotlight next year, editors predict.
The message of that play keeps me hopeful, and trying to have people realize that there really is nothing more than what some people refer to as "the sacred ordinary." It's a term I just love, "the sacred ordinary"--it's the thing that Emily says at the end, you know, coffee and hot baths and Mama's butternut tree.
Our bed is made from a cull butternut tree that was cut for firewood, but the crooked, seven-foot butt log was saved for shop lumber.
As the public's belt-tightening began, homebuyers rapidly became more endangered than the Butternut tree and the Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby.
Burzenski said most of his works are done with wood from a 200-year-old butternut tree on Chase Street that toppled during a snowstorm several years ago.
Each person who attends a workshop will get two apple trees they've grafted, as well as a walnut tree and a butternut tree.
A similar fate befell another native New Yorker, the butternut tree, now under attack from a canker that sucks the life from this hardwood, prized not only for its tasty nuts, but for its high quality wood used in cabinet making.
A different fungus thought to be introduced is also attacking the butternut tree. Once a source of sweet, fatty nuts in northeastern and midwestern forests down to Georgia, the butternut has so retreated since the 1950s that it's being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act.
The 80-foot-tall butternut tree with the stunning canopy that dominated the view at 465 E.
Logo: The icon incorporates the Butternut trees that ensconce the community with Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture.