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or butt·in·ski  (bŭt-ĭn′skē)
n. pl. butt·in·skies also butt·in·skys or butt·in·skis Slang
One who is prone to butting in; a meddler.

[butt + in + -sky, last syllable in many Slavic surnames.]


informal a busybody


or butt•in•ski

(bʌtˈɪn ski)

n., pl. -skies or -skis.
Slang. a person who interferes in the affairs of others; meddler.
[1900–05, Amer.; butt in intrude + -sky, extracted from Slavic surnames]
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Noun1.buttinsky - a meddler who tends to butt in
meddler - an officious annoying person who interferes with others


Slang. A person given to intruding in other people's affairs:
Informal: kibitzer.
Archaic: pragmatic.
References in classic literature ?
"So you're the buttinsky, eh?" he demanded, his face malignant with passion and menace.
Banging the journalistic drum loudest for these buttinsky interventions is modern progressivism's hometown newspaper, The New York Times.
First she gets the endorse of the former prexy, Handsome Billy, and then she gets the Boomerang Effect endorse from nunother than Grover Buttinsky Norquist, The Man Who Can't Stop Talking.