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Noun1.button hole - a hole through which buttons are pushed
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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Hold the button in place on your chosen item, and push the needle front to back through one button hole and the item.
Look no more, the Large Fuggler Assortment offers 12" Fugglers with even more unique toothy smiles, eyes, material patterns, and a signature button hole. Some Large Fugglers even have claws.
Make a button hole on the back top corner and sew button on opposite it.
Outside, Charles, wearing a grey suit, white flower button hole and striped tie, spent a few minutes mingling with a crowd of 100 who had gathered to see him.
Place a matchstick or toothpick (ideally the same thickness as the garment) over the button and bring the needle down through another button hole (3).
La Tecnica del Ojal o Button Hole es poco conocida y apenas esta extendida en nuestro pais, pero tiene grandes beneficios a los que podemos sacar partido.
To complements his wife's bouquet of cream, pink and blue flowers, the 39-year-old presenter sported a matching button hole.
But further investigation revealed there was no corresponding button hole. My three-buttoned jacket only had two buttons.
ATHEperfect productfor you is abuttonhook.Youjust passit through the button hole and over thebuttontogripthe thread.Thensimply pull it through with a twistingmotion.
All mod cons including one-step button hole. Exclusive to SMD, it comes with loads of freebies and a five-year guarantee.
ALL right, Britney Spears in that droopy white cardi with her jeans straining the button hole to the max was not the most flattering pic of her ever taken but she looks a damn site more normal - and wholesome - than when she's out on the lash with Paris-ite Hilton.