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vt (Fin) → auf Termin kaufen
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She said that many people are taking advantage of the three-month tax holiday that started June 1, to 'buy forward', ahead of the return of the Sales and Services Tax (SST) anticipated to roll in on September 1.
An alternative policy, such as a massive commitment to buy forward gasoline futures in sufficient quantities to boost forward refining margins would be politically suicidal.
So if you want to go in at $80 and I could buy forward 50 per cent of the 2013, 2014, 2015 production at $90 a barrel, then maybe you'd do it," said Clark.
"I try to buy forward on orders when exchange rates are relatively good.
Approximately 15%-20% will actually buy forward contracts."
Mark Robson, finance director and interim chief executive of Thorntons, said: "We do try to hedge this as far as possible and to buy forward in the market to mitigate against rising input costs.
Moreover, traders receive less trade finance from their banks and are not willing to buy forward anymore, posing big problems for African cotton farmers and ginners.
"Ways to manage risk are to do nothing, buy forward fixed price, use price ceilings and floors, or use a combination of them."
Hedging is a method to buy forward and fix variable costs.
Many flocks are likely to encounter noticeably higher feed, fertiliser and fuel as well as other input costs over the coming winter - all the more so where they were able to buy forward for the past season ahead of the worst of last winter's price rises.
ICE HOCKEY: Fife Flyers have lost out in their bid to buy forward Mike Legg.
May's will achieve a significant operational improvement with no capital outlay, and its customers will benefit from its improved ability to buy forward and to purchase in large quantities.