buyers market

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buy′ers' mar`ket

a market in which goods and services are plentiful and prices relatively low. Compare sellers' market.
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According to the report, prospective first time buyers and their parents have different perceptions of the first-time buyers market with only 12% of parents believing its is "virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage", but this increases to 21% of prospective first time buyers.
Despite a peak in home sales, Home Loans For All says that it is still a buyers market in the national housing sector.
Finalists are invited to display their work in the NICHE Awards exhibit at the 2009 Buyers Market of American Craft, held in Philadelphia in February.
The caption states that "Metcom is prepared to do battle with standard lines carriers in this buyers market.
It's gotten to be what you call a normal housing market verging on the edge of becoming a buyers market.
Motor dealer Reg Vardy, based in Sunderland, has announced record results despite a fall in the car buyers market.
Mr Evans believes it's a buyers market, ``Slowing retail sales, manufacturer oversupply and ever improving competition in the marketplace is great news for people actually looking to buy at the moment.
The impact on paper demand with this trend is positive [and] is expected to increase until either the Internet speed increases to acceptable 'shopping' speeds or the 'Game Boy generation' starts to dominate the catalog buyers market.
In fact, while 2000 has been a buyers market, 2001 will be an even better year for buyers in New Jersey.
In August, The Rosen Group will host the Buyers Market of American Crafts, a trade-only, wholesale market held bi-annually in Philadelphia.
The access to an international buyers market that eBay offers has forced some old-school trinket traders to reinvent themselves.