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or buzz kill  (bŭz′kĭl′)
n. Slang
A negative person, event, attribute, or thing that causes another's mood or spirit to become depressed or dampened: The rain was a buzzkill, so we all left the beach.

[buzz, pleasant intoxication + kill.]


(ˈbʌzˌkɪl) or


slang someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves
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When asked if the negative reviews by critics for Judwaa 2 , a reboot of Salman Khan's 1997 hit Judwaa , was a buzz kill, Dhawan claimed that he expected the critics to write off his comedy.
At the risk of being a buzz kill, here is today's speech recognition reality in the form of a real-life case study.
I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't because Jeans was always serious and sternthe ultimate buzz kill.
This might be the biggest buzz kill for most financial professionals.
I did disengage that about 10 minutes into use--the way it constantly silences the engine at stoplights is a buzz kill -- but it's easy to re-engage with the push of a button if you're feeling frugal.
It's getting to the point where communications devices are playing the buzz kill for business golf.
This year closed with something of a buzz kill, after news that the "Onasagoras" offshore gas prospect in block 9 came up dry.
As much as there is to like about Dynon's SkyView Touch, the buzz kill is that the non-TSO system is off limits to existing Part 23 certified aircraft.
Buzz Kill is a smart chick-lit mystery with plenty of twists and turns in the case and great chemistry between Millie and Chase.
If the fight scene were real it would have given the movie more oomph, because watching a fight scene and then realising that it was nothing but a figment of one's imagination is nothing but a buzz kill.
There is nothing wrong with this, especially since Buzz Kill is greater than the sum of its parts.
When I hear the term buzz kill, I think of the last song at high school dances.