or buzz cut  (bŭz′kŭt′)
A closely cropped haircut.

[From the use of electric clippers instead of scissors.]


(ˈbʌzˌkʌt) or

buzz cut

a very short haircut
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html) Jason Collier ,  the duke's buzzcut is "deceptive high-maintenance style.
They lost their long braids to a buzzcut, with only bangs or a curled lock of hair left in front.
Ntcham came back from the international break with a wacky new buzzcut but his explanation needed to go through a translator.
Still working her buzzcut, it looked like a hairpiece had been used to achieve those Marcel-like waves in the front of her hair.
Of course - Republicans have been using "San Francisco" as a symbol for conservative Baby Boomer resentments for decades, a representation of all the drug-taking and free love and fun that the hippies had while the buzzcut squares seethed with jealousy and contempt.
The newly shorn model/actress (she shaved her head to play a cancer sufferer) teamed her bleached buzzcut with a strapless mini dress from the Saint Laurent autumn 2017 collection, while those stunning velvet boots meant it was all eyes on the thighs.
The young actress revived a trend that's been missing in red carpets and fashion scenes for a long time as she pulled a buzzcut hairdo during her latest movie premiere causing the internet to break.
And it seems the opportunity to work with his top film director dad was part of the appeal - after Guy agreed to bring him, and his buzzcut, on board his next film.
Franco, with a buzzcut that brings his features into focus, comes off as a less moonstruck, more vulnerable version of his brother James.
From Joy Kendi's blonde buzzcut to Sheila Ndinda's thick tapered cut, young Kenyan women have more female role models in positions of power and in the media to look up to for natural 'hairspiration'.