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v. buzzed, buzz·ing, buzz·es
1. To make a low droning or vibrating sound like that of a bee.
a. To talk, often excitedly, in low tones.
b. To be abuzz; hum: The department was buzzing with rumors.
3. To move quickly and busily; bustle.
4. To make a signal with a buzzer.
1. To cause to buzz.
2. To utter in a rapid, low voice: "What is he buzzing in my ears?" (Robert Browning).
3. Informal To fly low over: The plane buzzed the control tower.
4. To call or signal with a buzzer.
5. To make a telephone call to.
6. To give a buzzcut to.
1. A vibrating, humming, or droning sound.
2. A low murmur: a buzz of talk.
3. A telephone call: Give me a buzz at nine.
4. Slang
a. A state of pleasant intoxication, as from alcohol.
b. A state of stimulation or overstimulation, as from caffeine.
5. Slang
a. Excited interest or attention: "The biggest buzz surrounds the simplest antioxidants: vitamins" (Carol Turkington).
b. Rumor; gossip: the latest buzz from Hollywood.
6. A buzzcut.
Phrasal Verb:
buzz off Informal
To leave quickly; go away: I told them in no uncertain terms to buzz off.

[Middle English bussen, of imitative origin.]
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adj (US inf: = drunk) → besoffen (inf), → hackedicht (inf)
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References in classic literature ?
And the horses shook themselves, and the dogs jumped up and barked; the pigeons took their heads from under their wings, and looked about and flew into the fields; the flies on the walls buzzed again; the fire in the kitchen blazed up; round went the jack, and round went the spit, with the goose for the king's dinner upon it; the butler finished his draught of ale; the maid went on plucking the fowl; and the cook gave the boy the box on his ear.
Trying to make his movements as deliberate as possible, and listening to the bees that buzzed more and more frequently past him, he walked along the little path to the hut.
The grass exhaled an odour of summer; flies buzzed in the air, the sun shone on the river and warmed the slated roof.