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When she had recently insisted that the same man had been at the head of her father's creatures in an attempt to rescue her, both von Horn and Professor Maxon scoffed at the idea, until at last she was convinced that the fright and the firelight had conspired to conjure in her brain the likeness of one who was linked by memory to another time of danger and despair.
Again, performance will be adversely affected by memory latency.
Zelizer's analysis is not altogether new, and throughout her book she acknowledges her debt to other critics and scholars who have pointed in a similar direction, among others Tony Kushner's critique of a simplified codification of the Holocaust by the liberal imagination; Andreas Huyssen's argument that obsession with the past paradoxically leads to forgetting it; film scholar Anton Kaes's suggestion that the photographic record has "stop[ped] energizing and become instead energized by memory itself"; and Cynthia Ozick's and this reviewer's concern that remembrance of the Holocaust can lead to abstractions at the detriment of specificity and complexity.