by nature

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It is also from natural causes that some beings command and others obey, that each may obtain their mutual safety; for a being who is endowed with a mind capable of reflection and forethought is by nature the superior and governor, whereas he whose excellence is merely corporeal is formect to be a slave; whence it follows that the different state of master [1252b] and slave is equally advantageous to both.
In these caverns, already prepared by nature, the eye was accustomed to dwell on huge shapes and masses, so that when art came to the assistance of nature it could not move on a small scale without degrading itself.
And the shoemaker was not allowed by us to be husbandman, or a weaver, a builder--in order that we might have our shoes well made; but to him and to every other worker was assigned one work for which he was by nature fitted, and at that he was to continue working all his life long and at no other; he was not to let opportunities slip, and then he would become a good workman.
And may we not say confidently of man also, that he who is likely to be gentle to his friends and acquaintances, must by nature be a lover of wisdom and knowledge?
Orignal human existence as nomadic hunter gatherers and later on as static agriarian communities made humans fully dependent on the provision by nature.
Various specific studies in the literature and some guidance from the nine values of Biophilia (Kellert, 1993) led to a prediction that the good things noted in nature would be the beauty of nature, its colours and sensations, the flora and fauna, weather, changes across the seasons and the good feelings generated by nature. These broad themes are all represented in the content analysis, although aspects of existing typologies are not all present.
The command of God, followed by nature, which man of wisdom and insight, can understand by making deep penetration into nature, is basically written upon man's heart.