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also by-line (bī′līn′)
A line at the head of a newspaper or magazine article carrying the writer's name.
tr.v. by·lined, by·lin·ing, by·lines also by-lined or by-lin·ing or by-lines
To publish (a newspaper or magazine article) under a byline.

by′lin′er n.


or by′-line`,

n., v. -lined, -lin•ing. n.
1. a printed line in a newspaper or magazine, usu. below the title or subhead of a story, giving the author's name.
2. to accompany with a byline.
by′lin`er, n.
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I miss hearing him talk shop with journalists before dishing out information that would give their by-lines prominence the next day.
She supports this conclusion by counting by-lines and journal contributions.
Fonts for headlines, by-lines, sub-headers, captions & body can be pre-set in the template.
The principal investigator of this study, Shobha Shukla, former Loreto Convent faculty and Editor CNS, said: "The study had five indicators: How many female journalists, compared to their male colleagues, got news stories with their by-lines published on front page of English newspapers; how many front-page news headlines carried names of female news-makers compared to those featuring male news-makers; how many female experts were quoted in the news on front-page compared to those featuring male experts; how many women were featured in the front-page news content as compared to men; and how many photographs of women were there on front-page as compared to those of men."
Fred Asbell article and John "Maggie" McGee column were published, the by-lines of Gene and Barry Wensel, Jay Massey, Judd Cooney, Mike Lapinski, Chuck Adams, Rit Heller, Dave Staples, and Bill Krenz were appearing in Bowhunter.
(1.) The spelling of Hoffman's name appears in some by-lines and publications as "Hofmann."
The Serbs had countless chances on the counter to get to the by-lines and force saves but they were too measured and ponderous.
Of all the unique aspects and style practices that make up The Economist, including the continued ban on printing the by-lines of its reporters, perhaps it is the publication's resilience in the face of the sharp decline in print media in favour of electronic news that has turned heads.
Also include by-lines for writer(s), director, editors), and other crewmembers and personnel.
Likewise, on the same day, the feature about the retirement of Commodore John Madgwick, Royal Navy regional commander North of England, there were no photographer by-lines.
We learnt about the 5 W's (who, what, why, when and where), newspaper terms, such as 'brief', 'by-lines' and 'captions' and we also read and wrote headlines.