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or by-prod·uct  (bī′prŏd′əkt)
1. Something produced in the making of something else.
2. A secondary result; a side effect.
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1. a secondary or incidental product of a manufacturing process
2. a side effect
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1. a secondary or incidental product, as in a process of manufacture.
2. the result of another action.
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Something produced in the process of making something else. For example, when plants produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis, oxygen is released as a by-product: Asphalt and paraffin are by-products of the process of refining crude oil into gasoline.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence
consequence, effect, result, upshot, outcome, event, issue - a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event"
epiphenomenon - a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon - a product made during the manufacture of something else
product, production - an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production"
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[ˈbaɪˌprɒdəkt] N (Chem etc) → subproducto m, derivado m (fig) → consecuencia f, resultado m
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[ˈbaɪˌprɒdʌkt] n (Chem) → sottoprodotto (fig) → conseguenza
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(bai) preposition
1. next to; near; at the side of. by the door; He sat by his sister.
2. past. going by the house.
3. through; along; across. We came by the main road.
4. used (in the passive voice) to show the person or thing which performs an action. struck by a stone.
5. using. He's going to contact us by letter; We travelled by train.
6. from; through the means of. I met her by chance; by post.
7. (of time) not later than. by 6 o'clock.
8. during the time of.
9. to the extent of. taller by ten centimetres.
10. used to give measurements etc. 4 metres by 2 metres.
11. in quantities of. fruit sold by the kilo.
12. in respect of. a teacher by profession.
1. near. They stood by and watched.
2. past. A dog ran by.
3. aside; away. money put by for an emergency.
ˈbygones: let bygones be bygones
to forgive and forget past causes of ill-feeling.
ˈbypass noun
a road which avoids an obstruction or a busy area. Take the bypass round the city.
to avoid (a place) by taking such a road.
ˈby-product noun
something obtained or formed during the making of something else. Coal tar is a by-product of the process of obtaining gas from coal.
ˈbystander noun
a person who watches but does not take part.
by and by
after a short time. By and by, everyone went home.
by and large
mostly; all things considered. Things are going quite well, by and large.
by oneself
1. alone. He was standing by himself at the bus-stop.
2. without anyone else's help. He did the job (all) by himself.
by the way
incidentally. By the way, have you a moment to spare?

by is used for forms of transport: by train ; by aeroplane ; by land ; by sea
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n. subproducto.
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Piedmont Lithium Ltd (ASX:PLL) has updated its JORC resource for mineral by-products quartz, feldspar and mica from the Piedmont Lithium Project in the US state of North Carolina.
(TAP) - Two charters to combat food waste and reduce losses and waste in the milk value chain and by-products was signed, Friday in Tunis, on the occasion of closing the workshop of the project: "Reducing Food Loss and Waste and Developing Value Chains for Food Security in Egypt and Tunisia."
The waste treatment plant at Pentakomo -- processing the municipal refuse of the Limassol district -- is still resorting to burying the vast majority of the by-products generated there, the Sunday Mail is told, ironic because the purpose of building a mechanical biological treatment plant, like the one in Pentakomo, was to end the practice of burying solid waste.
The keynote addresses discuss rediscovering date palm by-products: an opportunity for sustainable development, a glimpse on 65 years of passion-driven work for bamboo, and the use of oil palm trunks for wood products.
'One can only imagine all the impurities and residues from the petroleum by-products, which can be the source of various degenerative diseases,' Sucgang said.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has made efforts to popularize this crop and its by-products nationwide with the help of PSDP funded soybean project entitled 'Commercialization of Soybean crop (Glycine max L) on Pilot scale in Pakistan '.
Blood, bone, and throat cancer caused by 'Edible By-Products' like juice, ghee oil, etc.
Nevertheless, it is widely accepted that the generation of harmful by-products and deactivation of photocatalyst are critical shortcomings of this technology which need to be closely investigated.
Management and processing of fish by-products and waste is an environmental, social priority for many countries and is more problematic because of rising production volumes.
BiH still has no animal waste management in accordance with the EU standards, it was emphasized in Sarajevo today at the closing ceremony of a two-year project "Technical Assistance in the Field of Animal By-Products and Animal Waste Management in BiH", funded by the EU from IPA 2012 funds.
NIGERIANS may be exposed to high levels of disinfection by-products in their drinking water, predisposing to cancers and other health problems, a study has warned.