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1] From the Indian perspectives, the major occupational diseases of concern have been silicosis, musculoskeletal injuries, coal workers' pneumoconiosis, asbestosis, byssinosis, pesticide poisoning, and noise-induced hearing loss for which various agencies such as the National Institute of Occupational Health, Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, and Central Labor Institute are strategically working to reduce the morbidities related to these diseases.
In most cases the injury or disease has to be assessed as at 14%, however, if the person has pneumoconiosis or byssinosis, s/he needs an assessment of 1% or more Q.
The textile industry is associated with the processing of cotton, where exposure to cotton dust may lead to development of obstructive respiratory conditions among textile workers, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), byssinosis, pulmonary tuberculosis and occupational asthma.
Lung functions were lower in cotton workers than in general population and in those with history of byssinosis.
Although, several occupational diseases, such as anthrax, Byssinosis, compressed air illness, poisoning by lead tetraethyl, poisoning by nitrous fumes, lead poisoning, phosphorus poisoning, mercury poisoning, poisoning by benzene and homologues, chrome ulceration, arsenic poisoning, pathological disorders due to X-rays, radium or radioactive materials, primary epithliomatous cancer of skin, silicosis, etc.
Disfuncion de las cuerdas vocales, irritacion del tracto respiratorio superior, neumonitis, rinosinusitis, factores psicogenos, byssinosis, bronquiolitis obliterante, bronquitis eosinofilica (9).
The supply chain includes the trafficking of children who work in factories where cotton dust causes the lung disease byssinosis - common during the industrial revolution after which similar working conditions were banned.
Workmen's compensation and byssinosis in South Africa: a review of 32 cases.
Farm workers are exposed to hazard ranging from; chemical, physical, ergonomics, biological and psychosocial hazards thereby leading to disorders and diseases like carcinogenicity (cancer causing), mutagenicity (induce mutations), tetragenicity(affect the feotus), psychiatric disorder and delayed neuropathy, and the dusts have been known to cause diseases ranging from Byssinosis, occupational asthma, pneumonitis and non-specific Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)[1] and musculoskeletal disorder the list is endless.
Tabla No 1 Enfermedades respiratorias y muertes en el sector manufacturero Byssinosis 50 casos de bisiniosis de 81 muertes Silicosis 386 casos de silicosis de 891 muertes Asbestosis 1035 casos de asbestosis de 2859 muertes All Pneumoconioses Todas las neumoconiosis, 1960 de 10,014 muertes Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis 13 casos de neumonitis por hipersensibilidad de 122 muertes Cifra y porcentaje do muertes causadas por afecciones respiratorias especificas por sector industrial manufacturero, residentes estadounidenses de 16 anos o mas.
1] only among those hired < 5 years prior to baseline testing Recent endotoxin exposure, but not past exposure, was significantly associated with byssinosis, chronic bronchitis, and chronic cough.