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 (kăb′ə-lĕt′ə, kä′bə-)
n. pl. ca·ba·let·tas or ca·ba·let·te (-lĕt′ē)
1. A short aria that has a repetitive rhythm and a simple style.
2. The final section of an aria or duet marked by a quick uniform rhythm.

[Italian, alteration of coboletta, stanza, diminutive of cobola, cobla, from Old Provençal cobla, from Latin cōpula, link.]
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a short aria with a repetitive rhythmthe final section of an aria, having a fast pace and a uniform rhythm
[c19: from Italian, probably from coboletta, diminutive of cobola stanza, from Latin cōpula a bond; see copula]
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(ˌkæb əˈlɛt ə, ˌkɑ bə-)

n., pl. -tas.
the brisk stretta closing an extended aria in Italian opera.
[1835–45; < Italian]
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The band initially sounded reluctant to snap into the Italianate style (to be fair, they've just come straight out of Anthony Negus's tremendous Rheingold), but Silver knows how to generate the authentic adrenalin rush of a Donizetti cabaletta and by the end of Act One everything was fizzing.
Quinn Kelsey, with his big, burly, Leonard Warrenesque baritone, made an odd third to this slender-voiced duo, but his singing was entirely worthy of Germont's music--and far worthier than his pedestrian cabaletta, the opera's unquestionable low point.
Critical editions, in their mind, are the ones that wish to prevent a singer from adding a beloved high note in a Verdi cabaletta, or to remove a time-honored cadenza from a Donizetti mad scene, or--heaven forbid--to undo a cut that has been "traditional" for generations.
Her first aria (A non credea from La Sonnambula) was interrupted by loud applause just before the cabaletta. When Nelly sang the last two Filipino songs, Sa Kabukiran and Ay Ay Kalisud, it was pandemonium broke loose.
Nella prima parte del quarto atto, all'inizio elegiaco di "D'amor sull'ali rosee" risponde il "cupo terror" del presente di Leonora; e l'esplosione liberatoria della splendida cabaletta, spesso a torto tralasciata, "Tu vedrai che amore in terra", non e priva anch'essa di presentimenti di morte.
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It reveals the character's emotional state, and it is often followed by another solo or duet, called a cabaletta, in which the character sings about what they plan to do, or their intentions.
They take part in chaotic ensemble finales, quasi-romantic duets for would-be lovers, and even arias that resemble cavatina and cabaletta form (nos.
Premiered in 1853, II trovatore features operatic favorites such as the famous "Anvil Chorus" and the valiant tenor cabaletta "Di quella pira."