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or cab·bie  (kăb′ē)
n. pl. cab·bies
A cabdriver.

[cab + -y.]


or cab•bie

(ˈkæb i)

n., pl. -bies.
a cabdriver.
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Noun1.cabby - someone who drives a taxi for a livingcabby - someone who drives a taxi for a living
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle


n (inf, of taxi) → Taxifahrer(in) m(f); (of horsedrawn vehicle)Kutscher(in) m(f)


[ˈkæbɪ] n (fam) → tassista m/f
References in classic literature ?
He raised the hatch of his storm-tossed vessel and made the inquiry that cabbies do make in the park.
"Pay the cabbie an' keep the change--I've got--hic--no head for business!
"Here we are," called the cabbie, and Jurgis awakened his companion.
Cabbies are furious over what they see as Birmingham City Council's 'vendetta' against them over the introduction of the Clean Air Zone in the city in January.
The incident also had its own share of drama, with the report detailing a walkout by several disgruntled cabbies unhappy with Dr Mahathir's explanations.
WE were one of the many bus passengers impacted by the recent cabbies' protest in the city centre.
WE were one of the many bus passengers impacted on Wednesday by the cabbies' protest.
The action comes after a number of ECHO reports from fans - and from honest cabbies - about drivers specifically targeting fans who are not from the city, or from abroad, to dupe them into paying fares as high as PS40 up front.
Driving instructor blasts ALL cabbies after being cut up by one on a lesson.
Unpleasant, indeed scary, incidents involving cabbies in the metro have been all over the news, and its partly because they can now be reported on social media.
"Brush your teeth and have bath everyday," taxi regulator tells cabbies looking for jobs in Dubai.
So far, Delhi Police have booked 50 cabbies under section 188 of the IPC for ignoring safety of women in south Delhi areas, including Greater Kailash, Safdurjung Enclave, etc.