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The queen commanded her own cabinet-maker to contrive a box, that might serve me for a bedchamber, after the model that Glumdalclitch and I should agree upon.
He would have made a wonderful cabinet-maker, said Mrs Higden, 'if there had been the money to put him to it.' She had seen him handle tools that he had borrowed to mend the mangle, or to knock a broken piece of furniture together, in a surprising manner.
'Let him send to my friend, the cabinet-maker, to fetch it back, Sammy,' replied Mr.
Piper lives in the court (which her husband is a cabinet-maker), and it has long been well beknown among the neighbours (counting from the day next but one before the half-baptizing of Alexander James Piper aged eighteen months and four days old on accounts of not being expected to live such was the sufferings gentlemen of that child in his gums) as the plaintive--so Mrs.
Only here, this tower was the most audacious, the most open, the most ornamented spire of cabinet-maker's work that ever let the sky peep through its cone of lace.
How many coachmakers, saddlers, cabinet-makers, and professors of other useful arts, had deserted their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and, most of all, their cousins, for the love of her!
Just Wood II opens at Craft In The Bay tomorrow and among the exhibitors is cabinet-maker Eleanor Lakelin.
Next to Chippendale, Thomas Sheraton was the most famous English furniture designer and cabinet-maker.
Once owned by a cabinet-maker at the Birmingham-based firm, it will go under the hammer at Bonhams in Knowle on May 9.
He evidently got a training as a cabinet-maker and draughtsman, and moved to London when he was about forty, living at various addresses near Grosvenor Square and in Soho as a designer and author, drawing teacher and devout Baptist minister.
THE cabinet-maker stood amidst the fresh smelling wood shavings and with a craftsman's pride ran his hand along the finished table.