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An artisan specializing in making fine articles of wooden furniture.

cab′i·net·mak′ing n.
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Noun1.cabinetmaking - the craft of a joiner
carpentry, woodworking, woodwork - the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood


[ˈkæbɪnɪtˌmeɪkɪŋ] Nebanistería f
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0 strategies (logistics, data systems, human resources, production technology) for cabinetmaking, furniture production and other wood industry segments.
Contract notice: Foster care for a period of 24 months of service for routine cleaning, daily and periodic local fondazione teatro di san carlo and the external offices located in naples and precisely: cabinetmaking / scenography in via vigliena, deposit via volpe, museum - historical archive of the teatro di san carlo, palazzo calvalcanti and external surfaces of the laboratories and storage.
The women also can learn landscaping and construction skills such as tile-setting and cabinetmaking.
I would advise any young person thinking about cabinetmaking as a career to try and get some work experience to see if it's what they expect," added Heath.
FITCHBURG -- Monty Tech's cabinetmaking students have just completed the second phase of a two-year project crafting reproductions of furniture for the Statehouse.
Some custom cabinetry and slide-out shelf innovation can do the trick to combine both, but that won't be cheap since you are buying two units, and hopefully you can do the cabinetmaking yourself.
At the time, his blossoming cabinetmaking business had hired two staff but the recession crippled his firm.
Given the choice, nearly anyone in the cabinetmaking and furniture industries would rather do for themselves than delegate tasks or deal with red tape.
Further afield, the 39th edition of Art & Antique runs from 12-21 April at the Residenz Salzburg, with leading Austrian and international dealers presenting everything from medieval statuary to antique jewellery, fine 18th-century cabinetmaking, clocks and 20th-century furniture (www.
It is during the third block that students become familiar with basic cabinetmaking processes.