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An artisan specializing in making fine articles of wooden furniture.

cab′i·net·mak′ing n.
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Noun1.cabinetmaking - the craft of a joiner
carpentry, woodworking, woodwork - the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood
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[ˈkæbɪnɪtˌmeɪkɪŋ] Nebanistería f
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Later, as a high-school and college level teacher, he taught conventional and CNC Machining and Metal-working, Drafting and Design, Residential House Construction and Cabinetmaking. When his children were very young his avid woodworking interest turned to designing and making wood toys of all sorts, shapes and sizes.
Walnut rapidly became the most sought after timber for veneering fine furniture, remaining popular well into the 18th century when mahogany became the mainstay of cabinetmaking.
Raising their three children in Mount Prospect, Walter found his cabinetmaking and remodeling skills were in big demand in the North and Northwest suburbs, while Lola did some modeling during the early years of their marriage.
Peyton offers several levels of coursework to include "Cabinetmaking I"-"Cabinetmaking VIII" with the most advanced courses using precision software and advanced machining tools to design several cabinet components or chair pieces at once for efficiency.
Paul College graduated about 250 students in construction and manufacturing programs such as welding, carpentry, cabinetmaking, sheet metal, tool-making, electrical technology, pipefitting and plumbing, according to the school.<br />"St.
At 131 Broadway in Dover, Acadia Kitchens subleased a 14,000-square-foot space formerly leased to a cabinetmaking shop.
There was a drug and drysaltery works, as well as engineering, cabinetmaking, printing, tailoring, shirt, clothing, quilt and bedding factories.
This year, 423 students are participating across 57 categories, which include carpentry, floristry, cabinetmaking, nursing and drone making.
Anne Autegarden, who specialises in Italian design from 1920 until 1980, is making a particular splash with her spectacular mid-century vellum-covered sculptural cupboard with two doors, from the Italian cabinetmaking firm Valzania, the soft vellum set off dramatically by two black door handles (Fig 3).
These jobs including cabinetmaking, drilling, metalworking and dozens of other non-supervisory manufacturing jobs that once played a role in growing the number of middle class consumers who earned enough to buy the goods they were making, leading to a ( virtuous cycle of supply and demand for nationally produced goods.
Lanz is president of Lanz Cabinet Shop LLC, a west Eugene cabinetmaking firm that produces cabinets for single- and multi-family homes in Oregon, Washington and California.