cable television service

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Noun1.cable television service - a television system that transmits over cables
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
television system, television - a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points
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O'Brien to bring in some competition for cable television service in the city.
In 1975 with a number of other Northern entrepreneurs, he established a cable television service in the north.
NEWHALL - Sheriff's Department officials will join AT&T Broadband company representatives today in Newhall to destroy about 3,000 illegal cable television service decoding devices that have been confiscated.
Adding high-speed modem and digital cable television service will depend on the condition of the local cable system, Rosendahl said.
Headquartered in Elkader, Alpine Communications also offers cable television service in seven rural communities in northeast Iowa.
When the City Council first started negotiations to establish a franchise agreement with Falcon Cablevision, the top priority was to improve cable television service and quell the complaints of the 1,298 Morrison Ranch residents the company serves.
Over the past year, the cost of providing cable television service to our customers has increased,'' according to a CVI statement.
Shekou CATV currently provides cable television service to approximately 30,000 digital subscribers and broadband data to approximately 10,000 subscribers.
3 billion people, with more than 70% living in rural communities which today have little or no broadcast or cable television service.
Oriental Cable Network (OCN), formerly known as Shanghai Cable, operates the world's largest metropolitan cable television service that covers the entire area of Shanghai, delivering more than 61 channels to a subscriber base of over 4 million viewers.
In the second phase of deployment, Bledsoe will deploy the BLC 6000 in new remote sites to reach the remaining subscribers who are currently being served by its cable television service.
We chose San Francisco and Boston as the first target markets to launch our local cable television service because of high client demand in those cities.