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Capable of receiving unscrambled cable television signals directly, as a television set or tuner, without additional equipment such as a frequency converter box.


(of a television or VCR) able to receive cable television directly, without the need for special reception or decoding equipment.
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com)-- DuraLife[TM], a leading manufacturer of durable decking & railing systems, has introduced the new Railways[R] Cable-Ready Railing Component System designed to save time and remove the hassles from cable railing installations.
The Consumer Electronics Association projects that by the end of this year, there will be more than 1 million digital cable-ready or cablecard-compatible HDTVs sold in the country.
Takeup of pay TV stands at 37%, low compared to markets such as Taiwan--especially as 99% of Singapore is cable-ready.
Some boast amenities like private bedrooms with king-size mattresses, microwaves, phone jacks and cable-ready televisions.
Its higher price ($2,175) is due to improvements including a latter, higher resolution 15-inch monitor; Apple Video/TV capabilities, which make it cable-ready and let you digitize and display video from camcorders and VCRs; Apple Presentation System for outputting digitized video and Mac graphics to tape or a standard video monitor; and a remote control that turns on the Mac or the TV and operates the CD-ROM player.
Comcast basic cable does not require the purchase of any new equipment for cable-ready TVs, so consumers can continue to use their existing TVs and remote controls.
Despite over 1 million homes being cable-ready, potentially reaching over 99% of the population, cable TV subscription stands at 263,000 homes (26.
Barden still had to negotiate the 15-year franchise contract and raise more than $100 million to make the city of 375,000 households cable-ready.
With one call to 1-800-COMCAST, we can professionally install basic cable service on every cable-ready TV and will deliver more channels with no new boxes, no new remote, no antennas and no reception issues," said Derek Harrar, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Video Services for Comcast.
It has a cable-ready, 13-inch color television built right into the console of the treadmill, so you can work out and catch up on your reruns.
OCAP is the middleware specification CableLabs has established to enable application writers to create new interactive services that will run on a broad range of advanced digital set tops and cable-ready TVs.
Ted Turner installs cable-ready television sets into every seat at the new Turner Stadium in Atlanta for use during Atlanta Braves baseball games.