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a. A strong, large-diameter, heavy steel or fiber rope.
b. Something that resembles such steel or fiber rope.
a. Electricity A bound or sheathed group of mutually insulated conductors.
b. A sheathed bundle of optical fibers.
3. Nautical
a. A heavy rope or chain for mooring or anchoring a ship.
b. A cable length.
a. Cable television.
b. A similar service providing internet access.
5. A cablegram.
Of or relating to a subscription television or internet service that uses cables to carry signals between local distribution antennas and the subscriber's location.
v. ca·bled, ca·bling, ca·bles
a. To send a cablegram to.
b. To transmit (a message) by telegraph.
2. To supply or fasten with a cable or cables.
To send a cablegram.

[Middle English, from Old North French, from Late Latin capulum, lasso, from Latin capere, to seize; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

ca′bler n.
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Ten minutes after reading this letter I had cabled Mr.
One major battleground was San Diego which, owing to its hills and valleys, was one of the first urban areas to be cabled in the United States, beginning in 1963.
That means, if you have 86,000 cable subscribers in Buffalo - that's just 86,000 homes that are cabled; usually there's more than one viewer in each home, so let's say two viewers in front of each TV set - 38 percent of almost 180,000 people watch BCAM at some time or another.