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a. A strong, large-diameter, heavy steel or fiber rope.
b. Something that resembles such steel or fiber rope.
a. Electricity A bound or sheathed group of mutually insulated conductors.
b. A sheathed bundle of optical fibers.
3. Nautical
a. A heavy rope or chain for mooring or anchoring a ship.
b. A cable length.
a. Cable television.
b. A similar service providing internet access.
5. A cablegram.
Of or relating to a subscription television or internet service that uses cables to carry signals between local distribution antennas and the subscriber's location.
v. ca·bled, ca·bling, ca·bles
a. To send a cablegram to.
b. To transmit (a message) by telegraph.
2. To supply or fasten with a cable or cables.
To send a cablegram.

[Middle English, from Old North French, from Late Latin capulum, lasso, from Latin capere, to seize; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

ca′bler n.


a cable broadcasting company
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The changing of the guard at "The Daily Show" was very much felt as the cabler dropped from last year's impressive 25 noms.
Australians Jason McCartney, Peter Hughes and Stuart Anstee and American Steven William Cabler told an Indonesian court how explosives carried in a backpack and a van destroyed two packed nightclubs.
When San Francisco's Gump's decided it was time to expand a fledgling table linen business into a major linen statement including bed and bath, it put its faith in one man to get the job done: Paul Cabler.
The leaders of NBCUniversal's flagship entertainment cabler are plotting big changes in the coming year in an effort to address the elephant in the room at this year's upfront presentations: The flight of viewers to on-demand platforms has put a big dent in ratings for most of TV's largest ad-supported networks.
The Maker-branded block for boyskewing cabler Disney XD will follow the same format, but will instead feature the best pranks from Maker's network of YouTube creators.
The series was a one-season wonder for the pay cabler back in 2005, but its renown has endured among comedy aficionados, making the limited-run revival a can't-miss proposition no matter where the show winds up on the schedule.
She'll oversee carriage pacts for Trib's 23 TV stations, national WGN America cabler and regional sports networks in more than a dozen markets.