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A soft leather used for gloves and shoes and made from the skin of sheep having coarse hairlike wool.

[Spanish and Portuguese cabra, she-goat (both from Latin capra, feminine of caper, goat) + Italian -etta, diminutive suff.]


(Tanning) chiefly US a soft leather obtained from the skins of certain South American or African sheep
[from Spanish cabra she-goat]


(kəˈbrɛt ə)

a fine leather made from the skins of sheep that grow hair.
[1915–20; < Portuguese or Sp cabr(a) she-goat]
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Tiny sensors in the high quality cabretta leather glove constantly read and analyse the pressure of your grip.
This popular glove is made from Titaniumenhanced microfiber synthetic and features a cabretta leather palm patch and thumb.
Extra padding in the palm (a common area for wear and tear) improves glove durability, as does top-grade cabretta leather, which is sure to stay supple round after round.
We have produced the Asbri Evo glove, made of durable, soft cabretta leather.
The washable cabretta leather Bionic Gardening Gloves (made by the company that manufactures Louisville Slugger baseball bats) were ergonomically designed by a hand surgeon and fit as snug as a batting glove.
Premium cabretta leather golf gloves (with ESPN Golf logo): $20.