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(kə-kou′, -kā′ō)
n. pl. ca·ca·os
1. An evergreen tropical American tree (Theobroma cacao) having leathery, ellipsoid, ten-ribbed fruits borne on the trunks and older branches. Also called chocolate tree.
2. The seed of this plant, used in making chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter. Also called cacao bean, cocoa bean.

[Spanish, from Nahautl cacahuatl, perhaps from proto-Mixe-Zoque *kakawa; compare Mixe cacu and Zoque cacva (proto-Mixe-Zoquean perhaps being the language of the Olmec civilization and thus the ultimate source of many Mesoamerican cultural words).]


(kəˈkɑːəʊ; -ˈkeɪəʊ)
1. (Plants) a small tropical American evergreen tree, Theobroma cacao, having yellowish flowers and reddish-brown seed pods from which cocoa and chocolate are prepared: family Sterculiaceae
2. (Plants) cacao bean another name for cocoa bean
3. (Cookery) cacao butter another name for cocoa butter
[C16: from Spanish, from Nahuatl cacauatl cacao beans]


(kəˈkɑ oʊ, -ˈkeɪ oʊ)

n., pl. -ca•os.
1. a small tropical American evergreen tree, Theobroma cacao, cultivated for its seeds, the source of cocoa and chocolate.
2. Also, cocoa. the fruit or seeds of this tree.
[1545–55; < Sp < Nahuatl cacahuatl]
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Noun1.cacao - tropical American tree producing cacao beanscacao - tropical American tree producing cacao beans
cacao bean, cocoa bean - seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate
genus Theobroma, Theobroma - cacao plants
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
شَجَرَةُ الكاكاو


[kəˈkɑːəʊ] Ncacao m


n (= tree, bean)Kakao m


(kəˈkaːəu) , ((American) kəˈkeiou) noun
the tropical tree from whose seeds cocoa and chocolate are made.


n. cacao, planta de la cual se deriva el chocolate, alcaloide diurético.
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I melted the last of my silver spoon- -South Sea cotton, an' it please you, cacao in Tonga, rubber and mahogany in Yucatan.
He owns three cacao plantations at Naranjito and Chobo.
THE Department of Trade and Industry's Trade and Investments Promotion Group (DTI-TIPG) and the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Tokyo (PTIC-Tokyo) shared promising developments for Philippine cacao beans as it enters the mainstream Japanese market through the newly produced chocolate made by Isetan Mitsukoshi.
MANILA, Philippines Cacao farmers in Davao City are receiving technical assistance from a Japanese chocolate maker through a technical assistance from the Japanese government.
com)-- As worldwide consumption of chocolate reaches a new high, and the global supply of cacao is increasingly threatened by climate change, the Ecuadorian company is putting all of its weight behind a 5,300-year-old variety of cacao, called Nacional.
Davao City - The Kitakyushu City government is seeking a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Davao City that will create a chocolate industry exchange, with the latter providing the cacao beans that will be used by the Japanese city in producing chocolates.
The ARBs who are members of the Barangay Agrarian Reform Council & Farmers Association (BARCFA) in Glan, Sarangani province underwent a training to become certified cacao doctors and eventually run their own cacao agri-enterprises.
The guests couldn't believe that the chocolate was grown in the Philippines, and used only two ingredients-local cacao and organic cane sugar.
El cacao tuvo en tiempos prehispanicos diversos usos: fue usado como producto de intercambio, para pagar tributos, como moneda u ofrenda ritual.
After learning of the chocolate-sniffing trend, Anderson decided to order a sample from Europe, and shortly after trying it out, he&nbsp;was in the development process of his own "raw cacao snuff.
Nadie sabe con certeza donde surgio el arbol del cacao, pero es probable que en algun punto recondito del Amazonas.