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or ca·cha·ça  (kə-shä′sə)
A white Brazilian rum made from sugarcane.

[Brazilian Portuguese cachaça, of unknown origin.]


a white Brazilian rum made from sugar cane
[c19: from Brazilian Portuguese]
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His drinks cabinet was also topped-up with gifts such as rum and Brazilian liquor Cachaca.
Cachaca, which is made from sugar cane, has its roots as a working man's drink but is now increasingly popular with middle-class consumers, particularly in the cocktail caipirinha.
The exotic sounding Emperador, a brandy, and Pirassunga 51, a Brazilian drink called cachaca, both sell more than 18 million cases a year.
28 May 2012 - British premium drinks group Diageo Plc (LON:DGE) on Monday said it had agreed to buy the cachaca spirits brand Ypioca and production assets related to it from Brazilian Ypioca Agroindustrial Limitada for a cash price of BRL900m (USD453m/EUR359.
Produzida praticamente em todo o Brasil, a cachaca, bebida genuinamente nacional e, atualmente, segundo dados da ABRABE (2005), a terceira bebida destilada mais consumida no mundo e a primeira no Brasil.
The sell: The Brazilian tipple - a citrus-flavoured cachaca - to extend the appeal of cachaca drinks outside its caipirinha cocktail heartland.
sugar 2 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced, plus slices for garnish 1/2 cup cachaca * Combine lime, sugar, and slices from 2 kiwi fruit in a cocktail shaker.
CAIPIRINHA is a traditional Brazilian spirit, made with lime, sugar, ice and a spirit called cachaca," explained our smiling waitress.
Guinness in Dublin, cachaca in Sao Paulo, vodka in St Petersburg--the globe's cities are easily characterised by national tipples.
Cachaca companies are hoping to change that, by elevating the spirit to new levels through fermentation and distillation innovations.