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or ca·cha·ça  (kə-shä′sə)
A white Brazilian rum made from sugarcane.

[Brazilian Portuguese cachaça, of unknown origin.]
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a white Brazilian rum made from sugar cane
[c19: from Brazilian Portuguese]
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Quality of wood of five forestal species for aging of 'cachaca'
sugar 2 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced, plus slices for garnish 1/2 cup cachaca * Combine lime, sugar, and slices from 2 kiwi fruit in a cocktail shaker.
"CAIPIRINHA is a traditional Brazilian spirit, made with lime, sugar, ice and a spirit called cachaca," explained our smiling waitress.
Guinness in Dublin, cachaca in Sao Paulo, vodka in St Petersburg--the globe's cities are easily characterised by national tipples.
Cachaca, a uniquely Brazilian spirit made from fresh-pressed fermented and distilled cane juice, is the third most-drunk spirit in the world, however it is not particularly well-known outside Brazil.
"Beija" is how Brazilians say kiss, and it's also the name of a tasty new cachaca, or sugar cane rum.
These men's only form of leisure is cachaca," he added, referring to the liquor distilled from sugar cane.
The latter consists of cachaca (a spirit made from sugarcane), sugar and lime, while in a caipiroska the cachaca is replaced with vodka.
Holmes, the best medicine for this morning-after sensation is a good dose of cachaca."
Heaven Hill's portfolio includes brands such as: The Christian Brothers Brandies, Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Hpnotiq Liqueur, Whaler's Rum, Burnett's Gin and Vodkas, Dubonnet Aperitif, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Agua Luca Brazilian Rum Cachaca among others.
Exporters know it's plenty hard to turn down the national pastime, like picanha or rump roast, the most famous cut, alongside a plate of farofa, which is made from manioc flour, and a nice cold caipirinha cocktail (that would be cachaca, a spirit, with lemon and sugar).