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Affected by or relating to cachexia.

[French cachectique, from Latin cachecticus, from Greek kakhektikos, from kakhexiā, bad condition of the body; see cachexia.]
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Adj.1.cachectic - relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia
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I pray that I can find some rare malabsorption disorder that could explain her cachectic state but I can't.
She has the cachectic facies of a painting of a Victorian consumptive, Munch's Sick Child, perhaps.
Cytokines, the acute phase response, and resting energy expenditure in cachectic patients with pancreatic cancer.
Average weight loss in the cachectic group in the preceding 12 months was 8.50(3.2)kg.
Physical examination revealed a thin, cachectic African American male.
On his current admission, he was lethargic and cachectic. Vital signs were normal.
On physical examination, she appeared cachectic and dehydrated.
While the mechanisms associated with feeding-induced protein synthesis during cancer are starting to emerge, much less is known related to the acute anabolic response to contraction in cachectic muscle.
On physical examination, he appeared to be cachectic. His chest and abdominal exams were within normal limits.
On examination he was afebrile, pale, and cachectic. There was no lymphadenopathy or organomegaly.
Lai et al observed body weight and quality of life scores of cachectic patients with head and neck or gastrointestinal cancer who received celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitors) increased significantly in comparison with the placebo group.18 Furthermore, other researchers reported that high dense energy and protein supplement contain n-3 fatty acid improved body weight, lean tissue, and quality of life patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.19