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Affected by or relating to cachexia.

[French cachectique, from Latin cachecticus, from Greek kakhektikos, from kakhexiā, bad condition of the body; see cachexia.]
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Adj.1.cachectic - relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia
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On examination, he was cachectic, afebrile, hypoxic, and tachypneic.
She was cachectic, tired, withdrawn, disheveled, buried under a heap of blankets.
Compared to mice fed a diet of ordinary mouse chow, mice fed a ketogenic chow showed improvement in their cachectic symptoms and even gained weight
Pharmacokinetics of drugs in cachectic patients: A systematic review.
A cachectic state appears with extreme emaciation accompanied by a gradual change of demeanour.
Lai et al observed body weight and quality of life scores of cachectic patients with head and neck or gastrointestinal cancer who received celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitors) increased significantly in comparison with the placebo group.
Conclusion: With the results of our preliminary observations, we believe that embedding exposed subcutaneous venous ports in the pectoral muscle is a practical and safe method for cachectic patients.
p38 MAPK links oxidative stress to autophagy-related gene expression in cachectic muscle wasting.
Diabetic cachectic neuropathy, also called diabetic neuropathic cachexia, is a very rare neurological complication of diabetes.
On exam, the patient was cachectic and lethargic but did have warm extremities, brisk capillary refill (<2 s), and good distal pulses.