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 (kăsh′pŏt′, -pō′)
An ornamental container for a flowerpot.

[French : cacher, to hide; see cache + pot, pot (from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pottus).]
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(ˈkæʃˌpɒt; ˌkæʃˈpəʊ)
an ornamental container for a flowerpot
[French: pot-hider]
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(ˈkæʃˌpɒt, -ˌpoʊ)

an ornamental container, as of china or tole, for holding and concealing a flowerpot.
[1870–75; < French: literally, (it) hides (the) pot; see cache, pot1]
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nÜbertopf m
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When watering, use clean rainwater and make sure the plant is taken off the tray or out of its cachepot so that it does not remain sitting in water.
She tries to help out at the party by putting a carton of ice cream directly on the table next to the pie instead of serving it in a cachepot, and the next morning her sister calls to alert her to her grave mistake.
The top has drainage holes on the bottom and serves as a cachepot for a smaller pot that is 5.5 inches in diameter and 75 inches high.
At the onset of the store opening, Carreon posted a brass cachepot in his home.
Caption: 1 Global Views' Race Track Console, in walnut with an ivory finish, and the ceramic Ancient Cachepot, in a gold finish.
Traumas and shock values are set against full-frontal nudity (a moment emphasising our complete vulnerability performed bravely by one of the traumatised women) and a set which begins with a wonderfully-fashioned life-size tree, sited in a huge, centre stage cachepot.
BOWL If you're not using this off-kilter vessel for fruit or pasta, it makes a space-age cachepot. From $95;
The squared-off figure functions as just one more vaguely rectangular shape among a group that includes the mirror, the cachepot, and the cushion in the corner.
The cachepot has been revised for 1995: it's now a white bisque porcelain pot with a garland design, as opposed to last year's whitewashed terra cotta.
"The product development team recognized a void in the market place for a modern cachepot so we took one of our more popular materials--hammered polished nickel--and applied it to a perfectly sized contemporary container for orchids/plants," said Mark Moussa, founder.
The wastepaper basket could be a black-and-gold metal cachepot on bun feet.
Add something special at the point of entry -- such as a bench or cachepot with a beautiful flower or plant.