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 (kăsh′pŏt′, -pō′)
An ornamental container for a flowerpot.

[French : cacher, to hide; see cache + pot, pot (from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pottus).]


(ˈkæʃˌpɒt; ˌkæʃˈpəʊ)
an ornamental container for a flowerpot
[French: pot-hider]


(ˈkæʃˌpɒt, -ˌpoʊ)

an ornamental container, as of china or tole, for holding and concealing a flowerpot.
[1870–75; < French: literally, (it) hides (the) pot; see cache, pot1]


nÜbertopf m
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She tries to help out at the party by putting a carton of ice cream directly on the table next to the pie instead of serving it in a cachepot, and the next morning her sister calls to alert her to her grave mistake.
A cachepot is a decorative container used to display a plant and conceal its pot.
The top has drainage holes on the bottom and serves as a cachepot for a smaller pot that is 5.
At the onset of the store opening, Carreon posted a brass cachepot in his home.
Caption: 1 Global Views' Race Track Console, in walnut with an ivory finish, and the ceramic Ancient Cachepot, in a gold finish.
Traumas and shock values are set against full-frontal nudity (a moment emphasising our complete vulnerability performed bravely by one of the traumatised women) and a set which begins with a wonderfully-fashioned life-size tree, sited in a huge, centre stage cachepot.
BOWL If you're not using this off-kilter vessel for fruit or pasta, it makes a space-age cachepot.
The squared-off figure functions as just one more vaguely rectangular shape among a group that includes the mirror, the cachepot, and the cushion in the corner.
The cachepot has been revised for 1995: it's now a white bisque porcelain pot with a garland design, as opposed to last year's whitewashed terra cotta.
John Henry, a Multi Packaging Solutions Company and leader in print, packaging, and merchandising solutions for the horticulture industry debuts its Envi Cachepot Collection[TM] just in time for the holidays.
The product development team recognized a void in the market place for a modern cachepot so we took one of our more popular materials--hammered polished nickel--and applied it to a perfectly sized contemporary container for orchids/plants," said Mark Moussa, founder.
The wastepaper basket could be a black-and-gold metal cachepot on bun feet.