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Surely we have come a long way from the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when "eugenics" (the movement devoted to improving the human species through the control of hereditary factors relating to the bearing of healthy children) was fueled by pseudoscientific claims that the human race consisted of 'two classes' the eugenic and the cacogenic (or poorly born).
As Chuck Jackson has observed, Earl is clearly what early twentieth-century eugenicists would have described as a "cacogenic" child (642, 647).
Ira Caldwell obviously belongs to a progressive tradition within eugenics, a branch of the movement that focused on birth control, modern medicine for all, and the positive aspects of "hygiene" rather than on "cacogenic" (negative eugenic) reforms, such as mandatory sterilization and/or institutionalization for "defectives" and elimination of social programs for the poor so that their numbers would decline in response to "natural" selection.