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Adj.1.cacophonic - having an unpleasant sound; "as cacophonous as a henyard"- John McCarten
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"
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or cacophonic
or cacophonical
Characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound:
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Kobo360 is one of the most recognized FreightTech players in Africa, revolutionizing a cacophonic market riddled with several inconsistencies.
The Global South thus became a cacophonic museum of ideological isms, all claiming to be working in the interests of the masses of the people, another bogus fraud that did not take long to be exposed as the totalitarianism of either the Right or the Left that they were, usually operating as one-party or no-party states.
Once again, it is evident both important, clinical sounds and unimportant, distracting noises produce a cacophonic soundscape.
Their spokesman has consistently been talking to us as if he is living in another country other than this one with all the growing unemployment, terrorisms and insecurities of all sorts all over the places, more institutionalization of corruption and her two grandfathers of radical ethnic and religious fanaticisms and favoured geriatric leadership with a cacophonic 'not too young to rule, but only after I have left at over 90 years of age bill', etc!
In one word, the cacophonic approach of the EU countries to the integration process opens serious dilemmas for the start of negotiations both with Macedonia and Albania.
The sea howl And the sea yelp, are different voices Often together heard: the whine in the rigging, The menace and caress of wave that breaks on water, The distant rote in the granite teeth, And the wailing warning from the approaching headland (193) Harmonic "rhythm," metaphorized through the "strong brown god" of unwavering monotheism, has collapsed into cacophonic polytheism, a "soundless wailing" struggling to find its auditory bearings (193).
INVITING AROMAAt KNH on Wednesday, the cacophonic frenzy of patients mixing with harried relatives and the dank air of the lower floors gave way to the inviting aroma of fried beef and fish the minute one stepped out of the elevator on 10th floor.
A serene calmness envelops the entire area; peace has descended on this otherwise cacophonic thoroughfare.
She said that mu'azzens' cacophonic voices affect tourism negatively.
Bruegel's conscientiously ridiculous painting Netherlandish Proverbs seems to have a modern equivalent in Weidenaar's It Was A Terrible Day, which included more than 200 individuals in some sort of vice, save for the artist himself, who, bewildered and nonplussed, is seen in the foreground with a sketchbook in his pocket and a duck in his knapsack, confusedly meandering into the cacophonic melee.
Jazz emerged from a cultural ground of orality alive in the deep south at a time when the cacophonic sonicscape of the industrial city had become a constant irritation.