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Having a harsh, unpleasant sound; discordant.

[From Greek kakophōnos : kakos, bad; see kakka- in Indo-European roots + phōnē, sound; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·coph′o·nous·ly adv.


(kəˈkɒfənəs) ,






jarring in sound; discordant; harsh
caˈcophonously, ˌcacoˈphonically adv


(kəˈkɒf ə nəs)

having a harsh or discordant sound.
[1790–1800; < Greek]
ca•coph′o•nous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.cacophonous - having an unpleasant sound; "as cacophonous as a henyard"- John McCarten
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"
euphonious, euphonous - having a pleasant sound; "a euphonious trill of silver laughter"


adjective discordant, harsh, jarring, grating, raucous, strident, dissonant, inharmonious screaming guitars and cacophonous vocals


or cacophonic
or cacophonical
Characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound:


[kəˈkɒfənəs] ADJcacofónico


[kəˈkɒfənəs] adj (= discordant) → cacophonique


adjmisstönend, kakophon (geh)


[kəˈkɒfənəs] adj (frm) → cacofonico/a
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It is a disgraceful, cacophonous self-serving troop.
Third LP I See You, released late last year, brought a whole new dimension to the scope of the three-piece and earned the Londoners widespread accolades and renewed admiration for their cacophonous productions.
Like any celebrity with millions of followers, the athlete's ( Instagram comments are a cacophonous jungle of users saying things that may or may not be related to the picture in question.
Lorne Balfe's thunderous orchestral score competes with cacophonous sound effects to make us wince in our seats from the opening titles.
"Life in the Presence of God" offers not a magical technique but dozens of practical exercises and disciplines that help us draw close to God even in the midst of our cacophonous modern culture.
Amidst the cacophonous barrage of mind-numbing battle sequences masquerading as films these days, Francois Ozon's new film Frantz startles with subtle beauty and pathos.
Nowhere is seaweed given so much fanfare than in Tawi-Tawi's colorful and cacophonous Agal Agal Festival every 25th of September.
As in many of the films to follow, from the two-channel 16-mm Bim Bam, 1999, to the cacophonous multiscreen Dichter (Poet, 2017), Friedman uses structural film techniques--looping, flicker effects, color fields, and asynchronicity of image and sound--to highly emotive ends.
Patrick Shen's hypnotic documentary, shot around the world, seeks to explore both the scientific and psychological concepts of silence, and posits the idea that we should treat quietness like a kind of natural resource--a steadily dwindling one, in an increasingly cluttered and cacophonous world.
Yes, journey from beneath the Burnside Cathedral and discover a cacophonous symphony of streetstyle harmony.
"I will arrive in front of you going off like a Cacophonous Catherine Wheel of Chat, armed with hundreds of tall tales to tell.
His next stop is the stunning California coast - home to a cacophonous elephant