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n. cacosmia, percepción de olores imaginarios, esp. olores fétidos.
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Cacosmia and purulent secretions from the antral ostium have a strong predictive value.
Rhinoliths may be asymptomatic and found incidentally, or patients may complain of unilateral rhinorrhea, cacosmia, epistaxis, headache, post-nasal drip, throat discomfort, nasal obstruction, or even chronic otorrhea (12).
20Spare a thought for the poor people who suffer from cacosmia. Even a bunch of fresh flowers is horrible as they perceive all smells as something revolting, such as putrid or vomit.
He also complained of cacosmia and purulent rhinorhoea from the left nostril.
Cacosmia and neuro-behaviocal dysfunction associated with occupational exposure to mixtures of organic solvents.
En el interrogatorio, referia obstruccion nasal bilateral permanente asociada a rinorrea verdosa, cacosmia, perdida de peso, fiebre recurrente, astenia y adinamia, de dos meses de evolucion.
Odour threshold is an important factor to consider in risk assessment model since the olfactory symptoms or hypersensitivity towards chemicals odours may be distracting and interfere with job performance and safety or induce cacosmia (i.e., feeling ill from the odour of xenobiotic chemicals) (FIOH, 2008).